Would you like to turn your small business into a quick money making machine

If yes then relax, fasting your seat belt and lets take a ride to discover some useful ideas that will turn your small business into money making machine.
And here are the four quick ways that will increase cash flow into your bank account!
 The first step to take in turning your business into a money making machine is to create a valuable product/service that people wants to buy and are always available at considerable price.
 To record high sales and profit generation, you will need to create more units of a product or get more customers to patronize your service.
For your business to more make money, you will have to setup your operations.
And if currently you produce some few units of a particular product thats highly in demanded, you will have to produce more units to meet up with the increasing demand. 
Lets suppose you are into the production of a particular body lotion thats sells well and with daily increase in demand, the best thing to do is to produce more units to meet the demand and that means more money will be coming into your business.
Also you can diversify your business interests into other areas that are closely related to your core business to enable you generate additional profit for your business. E.g. Soap making or body perfume.
Since you already have a small business that is doing well in a particular location, theres the likelihood that it will also do well in other locations.
So with this possibility of success you can then to go ahead to carry out a market survey to get the most suitable locations where your business can make huge profits at least cost.e.g
Mr. Biggs was once in only one location when it started but today you have Mr. Biggs branches scattered allover the federation.
Therefore, that your small laundry & dry cleaning business or what ever business you are into, has great potentials of generating massive flow of income into your bank account.
Only, if you can duplicate your services in other parts of the city where people can see the high quality service you offer to your customers.
There are three different categories of businesses in existence. This you should know and discover where your business belongs to, it will enable you know the right medium to market your products & services to customers.
PRODUCTS DRIVEN BUSINESSES. product driven business is when you have a unique product or service which can be promoted &sold using verities of Media & methods such as TV, Newspaper ads& in departmental stores .For example you make and sells a drug that cures HIV permanently, in fact such a drug will be sold using every available marketing and distribution channel known to man because its unique.
MARKET DRIVEN BUSINESSES. Here products or services can be sold only in a particular market (A niche market). Â E.g. If you are into building materials supply business, your target market will certainly be the construction companies in your areas because they use more of the product than any other sector. 
If your business is market driven try and target those people that need your services or products and sell to them to make money.
 MEDIA DRIVEN BUSINESSES. In this type of businesses your products may not have any unique qualities but you can widely distribute it and put up serious media campaign to drive in high volume sales and if your media campaign is successful you are sure of raking in truck loads of cash.
Hope the ride was smooth and you enjoyed it while the fun last, seriously your business can become a real money spinner if you act on the steps listed above. Take steps and make your dreams come through.