With the current economic recession and high rate of unemployment, it’s has become imperative for any body that wants to survive economically to acquire the necessary skills that can solve basic human problems and in return make money.

Skill acquisition is all about empowering yourself with special &practical knowledge in manufacturing and provision of services that can solves problems for people.
The importance of acquiring useful skills can not be over emphases because, it sure a way to making profitable living and at the same time provides.

opportunities for prospective entrepreneurs to set-up, run and manage their own businesses. Below are steps to take when acquiring useful skills.


To make money and achieve success in any business you will need to acquire valuable skills that can easily be converted in to products and services that will meet the basic needs of people.

If  for example you discover a need in particular a sector of the economy e.g. information technology, marketing or production of house hold products and you have the right skills to solve such problems you will indeed never have shortage of customers who will be begging to pay money just to get your services or products.


After you have discovered a particular need the next thing is to try finding a niche and focusing your attention in creating specific products and services that will serve their best interest.

A niche means creating specific product features that is aimed at satisfying the need of a particular market in terms of price range and quality of product.

So you can decide to focus your attention in learning skills that will make you a specialist in a particular field of human endeavor.

If you are a car mechanic you will earn more income with your skills as a specialist in the repairs of a particular brand of vehicle say TOYOTA or BMW cars.

Customers will place great value on the quality services you render and will be willing to pay you expert fees.
So don’t be a Jack of all trade and master of none find a niche and create valuable products or services that will meet the needs of your customers and you will always be smiling to the bank.


Which ever line of business you want set-up, you will definitely need training so as to posses the basic knowledge required for business success.

It’s very difficult to succeed in a business you don’t understand. Many people have lost huge sums of cash in businesses they didn’t time to learn to get required skills before venturing in to such businesses.

So with the right training it becomes not only easier to set-up your business, it also enable you to grow the business in to a money-making venture.

Adequate training also gives you a working knowledge of the technicalities that’s involved in a particular business and how you can use scarce resources to make profits and achieve business success.

Training will further help you to establish and maintain good customer relationship with members of the public which is a key to success in business.


The location will either make or mere the growth or success of a business and thus,
It’s necessary to locate your business close to sources of raw materials you use for production.
It should be close to where you have social amenities provided by the government like electricity supply, good road and effective transport system.

Providing these essential amenities yourself will definitely increase your cost of production and thus make your business uncompetitive.
Your business should also be close to your customers so you can reach them and they too can reach you easily.


It’s not enough to create a good product or service.
You must be able to create awareness for people to know what service or product you have that can meet their needs. Because no matter how wonderful your products and services are if people don’t have access to it you will not make cash.

Therefore to achieve your main goal of making profit in business, you must learn some basic marketing skills that will help you get customers to patronize your products or services.

You can read books or take short courses in marketing to acquire basic marketing knowledge.

And with the basic knowledge acquired in marketing, you can now start marketing your products or services to friends, family members, club members and members of your religious group e.t.c.

NOTE; remember to get the following ready before starting your marketing.
Register your business with the relevant authorities in your country.
 Get a phone number that people can easily remember.
 Create a website for your business and an email address.
 Print a business card.
Print hand bills you can distribute to potential customers.
Write and send letters to some companies introducing your business, products and services, for possible patronage.

In this article, I have talked about how you can quickly acquire valuable skills, setup your own business and start making cash especially in this period when the whole world is experiencing economic recession.

I strongly believe that if you can put the ideas into practice whole heatedly, you are sure to acquire valuable skills that will be in great demand and thus make lots of cash through sales of products and services.
I wish you the best.