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Make lots of Money producing liquid mosquito killers at home.


Do you know you can make lots of money producing and selling insecticide and pesticide in your locality with just N10, 000 only?

According to the world health organization (WHO), malaria fever which we all know is caused by mosquitoes kills more people in sub-Saharan Africa yearly more than HIV.

 Demand for Insecticide and pesticide

Therefore, you can imagine the huge amount of financial resources that governments and individuals commit into the control of mosquitoes infestation in our environment.

Nigeria is a huge market for consumer goods big companies producing mosquito insecticides in Nigeria will forever be smiling to the bank.


Take for example an average home spends N350 to purchase a can of Mobil or Bagon per week now multiply four weeks in a month, by rough estimation the amount runs into billions of naira yearly putting into account the size of the Nigerian population (140milion).

Due to the fact that mosquitoes are every where in our environment, the need to kill mosquitoes will always be there and such the demand for the product will certainly be high.

Liquid mosquito insecticide Production Process

Below are the steps to follow in producing liquid mosquito insecticide at home.

Equipment /Raw materials needed to produce the insecticide/pesticide are as follows.

Equipment requirement


       Weighing scale.

Raw Material requirement.

    1 Boric acid or Eucalyptus                                                            1part


    2 Camphor                                                                                     1part


        Turpentine                                                                                  4part


Production processes.

Grind the camphor and measure out one part and add 4part of turpentine and also add 1part of BORIC acid and mix thoroughly.

Finally package the product by filling it into small plastic bottles and then place your labels on them ready for the market.

NOTE: If after the production you discover that the concentration of the pesticides is too high try reducing it by adding more turpentine.

But makes sure you maintain its effectiveness in killing mosquitoes fast.

Take advantage of the huge market potential in Nigeria to start your own mosquito insecticide production business to make cool cash at home.


To order an up to date comprehensive feasibility studies on how to a profitable start small scale liquid mosquito killers production business in Nigeria please call me on +2348081632025,+2348037191728

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You are Blessed.

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