Food business remains one of the surest ways of making money genuinely.

The demand for food world wide is very high which means the return on investment in agriculture and food business will also be high.

Demand for Food
Human beings must eat food to stay alive, without food we will all die of starvation.
A country like Nigeria must be able to provide sufficient food for its vast population of about 140million people, if not Nigerians will die of starvation.
Nigeria is blessed with arable farm lands of which considerable amount of farm activities take place, but most of the food items cultivated by farmers end up been destroyed after harvest.
The reasons for these losses in farm out put are due to the bad road network in rural areas and poor preservation/storage methods used by farmers.
Due to the above mentioned challenges, most farmers in Nigeria finds it difficult to convey their produce to markets in major cities & towns where they can sell them at a reasonable price.
But whether farm produce are lost or not the vast majority people living in the cities who are not farmers must eat food to survive.
Here is the opportunity you need to make money.
Take advantage of this gap in food stuff supply between the big cities and rural areas in Nigeria to start the supply and sales of food items like bags of garri, tomatoes, onions etc.
Food stuff business is a lucrative any time any day because people will never stop to eat food.
Capital Needed to Start Raw food business

With at least N20, 000 as start-up capital, you stand a chance of making huge monthly income for yourself.

You must not throw way business idea with a wave of hand, the market potential is great.
There will always be a demand for food because both the poor and the rich need food to survive so, it as an opportunity to make cool cash for your self.
So you can go to some village markets in Nigeria to buy cheap raw food stuffs or fruits and transport them to big cities like Lagos, Kano, and port-Harcourt where you can sell at a higher cost and make some cool profit. 
List of Profitable Food Items 
Here is a list of food stuffs and fruits commonly consumed in Nigeria.
1. Yam.2. Groundnut. 3. Onion  4. Garri 5. Pineapple
 6. Tomatoes 7. Beans 8. Oranges  9. Palm oil
10. Rice 11. Cassava 12. Flour Maize  13. Plantain
14. Egusi  15. Ogbono 16. Groundnut oil 17. Banana
  You can get these food stuffs and fruits to buy cheap at whole sale prices in  the following parts of Nigeria.
1.  Garri, Oranges, plantain, banana, Pineapple (Edo, Delta, Benue state).
2.  Beans, groundnut oil, onion, Tomatoes (Kano/ Adamawa states).
3.  Also if you are in Lagos you get them at mile 12 market.etc
After purchase of the food stuff, you can start to sell the items from home or from a rented shop around your neighborhood.

As your customer base begins to increase you are sure to make continuous income that will meet your needs.

Here is another good opportunity for you to make money real cash and requires just little start-up capital, I believe you will not let it pass you bye.
Remember its the little acorn that grows to become big oak tree.

Success is yours.