A million and one people log on to the internet daily searching for opportunities to make cash but can not distinguish scam from genuine programs that pay real cash?

If  your desire to is to make genuine cash online, then reading this article will be of immense benefit as it will help you identify scam and expose you to genuine ways of making cash.
There are many websites and blogs advertising lots of get rich quick programs just to rip-off the hard earned money of those who are desperately looking for how to make money online.
I have actually lost about $500 on hyip programs, get paid to read email and paid to survey programs in attempt to find ways to make cash online.
I’m not saying this to scare you but to keep you well informed so you wouldnt fall victim to those online money making programs that promise quick riches but end up been a scam.
Although, in spite of the initial disappointments I persisted in my search and later my persistence yielded some result when I discovered a legitimate method to make genuine cash on the internet with little or no capital.
I believe the word Blogging is familiar to you?
Well Blogging is the use of internet Blogs (mini websites) to promote ideas and businesses.
With Blogs you can make genuine cash online doing legitimate businesses online Such as,
  Information marketing (promoting certain ideas).
 Affiliate marketing.
Website and e-cover design services.
Articles marketing and copy writing services.
So to make genuine cash with Blogs requires that you come up with specific ideas that will meet the needs of people.
Once you have some useful ideas, you can sign up for a free a Blog online either with Blogger or WordPress.
After setting up your free Blog, post some useful articles on it and then start to market your Blog in forums, articles directories and social media sites to attract information seekers.
And when you feel you have gotten a sizable number of traffic to your Blog you can now monetize your Blog for profit.
Below are several methods you can adopt in monetizing your Blog for profit legitimately but you can choose any you want to make genuine cash online.
Selling your own information products and services.
Selling advert space.
Selling affiliate products and services.
Display of Google Adsense units on your Blog.
Once your Blog fully monetized, you will now have to start an aggressive marketing campaign in online forums, articles directories and social media sites to get massive flow of traffic to your Blog.
And in no long distance you will start to make genuine cash on online from visitors to your Blog even while you are sleeping or on vacation.