Do you know that bakery or bread making is a very profitable business in Nigeria?

Bakery Business Setup In Nigeria

Demand for Bread

Bread is one of the staple foods largely consumed by many Nigerians on a daily basis (morning, after noon and evening), the reason is that bread is a fast food which can be eaten directly or combined with other foods like tea, beans and beans cake.

Start up Capital Needed

With a minimal start-up capital of just N74, 000 you can start a small scale bread production business at home and make an average income of about N30, 000 – N50, 000 weekly.

I strongly believe that bread making is a very good business opportunity for both local and foreign investors wanting to do genuine business in Nigeria because there is the possibility of high return on their investment.

Are you currently jobless or maybe your present job can not support your monthly financial obligations?
If that’s the case then, I count you lucky reading this article because with your own bakery business up and running you will be able to terminate all your financial burden and job insecurity forever.

Steps To Start Bread Production Business

Bread making business in Nigeria does not require much to setup in terms of personal qualifications; in fact you don’t need a Bsc, Msc or PhD certificate and you don’t a need NAFDAC registration to do the business.
All that is needed to start a small scale bakery business in Nigeria is first and foremost some basic knowledge in breading making, packaging, marketing and a registration with the Nigeria bakers Association in your area.
I believe with a sound practical knowledge in baking and coupled with some creative marketing strategies in place, you are on your way to making huge profit and achieving success in bakery business.
Least I forget, starting a bakery business in Nigeria requires that you have some passion needed to aid you in achieving your set goals and dreams even in the face of challenges.
In fact, your dreams of starting a small scale bakery business in Nigeria can be killed if you lack the required practical knowledge or you taking advice from the wrong set of people. e.g
If you go to a big bakery owner to make enquirers on bread making before you start, you will certainly be discouraged because all their production processes are machine based and such you can not afford.
Therefore if you really want to start a small scale bakery business then, go and acquire practical skills from a small scale bakery owner.
The reason is that most aspect of bread making in a small scale bakery are can done by hand there you will be thought how to do it with your hands.
On like the already well big bakery business where almost every thing you see and hear doesn’t go beyond using different types of machines to make bread.
Making bread with your hands is profitable and less expensive, the process is simple but it all depends on the bread recipe you intended to use and the quantity of bread you want to produce per day.

Bread Recipes

Below are different bread recipes, equipment, Ingredients and cost requirements for small scale bread production.
·        Coconut bread.
·        Wheat bread.
·        Fruit bread.
·        Chelsea bread.
Banana bread.
High fiber bread

Cost Of Bakery Equipment Required

Equipment requirements & cost (N)
·        Oven                                   N40,000
·        Baking pans                       N7000
·        Weighing scale                   N3500
·        Mixing bowls                       N3500
·        Table                                    N5000
·        Branded Packaging nylon  N4000
Total                                    N63, 000
Ingredients for baking & cost (N)
·        Sugar                         N1000
·        Baking yeast             N 400
·        Baking fat                 N4000
·        One bag of flour      N5500
·        Salt                            N 100
Total                             N11000
Grand Total                  N74, 000

Bread Making Process

The process of bread making involves.
·        Mixing the baking ingredients together
·        Weighing the mixture on a scale
·        Then kneading the mixture with either with your hands or a machine if you have one.
·        Covering the dough and allow it to ferment for an hour.
·         After fermenting, then knock the dough down and knead once again.
·        Scaling to the desired size.
·        Putting it in baking pans and transferring it into a prepared oven.

Marketing strategies.

How and where to Market your bread is every important because it’s what will determine if you will continue the business or not.
So you must be very creative with your marketing strategies, if you can get your marketing strategies rights then you are on your way to making continuous profit doing the business.
·        To get your first set of customers you need to encourage your friends and relatives to try your bread.
·        Go to Supermarkets in vicinity with some bread as samples and encourage them to place order.
·        Go to Schools with boarding houses and talk to the school principal about your product.
·        Restaurants and staff canteens of companies.
·        Government offices and Ministries.


Place note that the cost requirement and processes discussed above is for bread making by hand and not with the use of machines.
In facet the total amount needed to setup a bakery business varies, depending on the available financial resources.
You can invest as much as N60million in setting up a machine based bakery, where you will need to have spiral mixers and other very expensive bakery equipment.
In this article, I have place emphasis on how entrepreneurs with sound practical knowledge in bread making can start a small scale bread making business in Nigeria with limited funds. And be able to make continuous income that will take care of needs.
Here is the opportunity you have long waited for to setup a small scale bakery to earn a living so take it, because reading through this article without acting on the ideas gotten will amount to an opportunity lost.
I wish you the best as you take steps to actualize your dreams.
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