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Start a profitable laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria


Laundry and dry cleaning service is a very lucrative business opportunity you can start today in Nigeria without having cause for regrets.

It is a legitimate way of creating wealth by rendering useful services that add value to the lives of people in terms of appearance and hygiene.

Demand for Laundry and dry cleaning services

The majority of people want their dresses to look clean for them to appear nice in public and any laundry and dry cleaning businessman who can give them quality services will surely get paid handsomely.

Many of the clothes we wear today e.g. business suits, expensive laces, and brocades require much more care than the use of ordinary water and soap for washing.
Professional laundry and dry cleaning services involve a process that uses a variety of chemicals rather than the use of just ordinary water and soap.
Before you start a profitable laundry and dry cleaning business, you will need to get some basic skills that will ensure your success.

Start a profitable laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria

You will need to build a strong customer base through sound customer care services
Also to succeed in the laundry and dry cleaning business you must be passionate about rendering quality services.


The major requirement for starting a profitable laundry and dry cleaning business actually depends on the initial capital to be invested.

Capital Needed to Start Laundry and dry cleaning Business

You can start from scratch, I mean on small scale with even less than N100, 000, and can also start on an industrial scale where you will need to buy expensive machines with at least an N10million and above.

2. You need to acquire practical skills in laundry and dry cleaning;
To successfully operate professional laundry & dry cleaning business services, you will need to acquire some basic training from those who are already in the business.

This training you will equip with knowledge of how to handle clothes and different fabrics professionally to satisfaction of your customers.
3. Basic equipment required for setup.

Steps to Start Small Scale Laundry Business In Nigeria

To set up a small-scale laundry business you will need a washing that can wash about 5kg
drying machine.
pressing iron.
An ironing board or table.
At least a 3kva power generator for alternative sources of power supply in case the public power supply goes off.
But to set up an industrial-scale laundry and dry cleaning business, you will need an Industrial washing machine, industrial dryer, and industrial ironing board.
4. Space and location required for setup.
The location and size of space needed for setting up a dry cleaning matter a lot, because these two factors will also determine your rate of success or failure.

Housing Estate,
busy industrial areas
Guest houses.
Also, your working space should be able to accommodate all the equipment you will need to do the business.

You can rent a shop or an office space to start your dry cleaning business but, if you can’t afford the initial cost then you can as well use the free space in the house where you live as an operational base.
5.  You need to get customers.
Customers are the key to the survival of any business!
Apart from profit consideration, it would be best if you thought of how to render quality services to both new and old customers who in return will patronize and pay you for the services rendered

So you can start marketing your business to people around your neighborhood but with a promise of rending quality services to them.

Print business cards and share with potential customers.
Print handbills and distribute them to potential customers
Type letters of induction for your business and mail them to companies in your town or city.
6. Materials needed for laundry and dry cleaning of fabrics.
Powder detergents for washing white clothes.
liquid detergents for washing colored clothes.
liquid cold water starch.
Clean water supply.
Stain removing chemicals.
Packaging nylon.

How to fix your own rates.

So before you fix the rate your customers will pay for your services, you will need to find out the current rates other operators in your location are charging and then fix yours appropriately.
Your rates should either be the same as what other operators are charging or a bit lower to attract some customers.

Note. With aggressive marketing, quality services, and fair pricing, you will encourage more customers to do business with you.


Laundry and dry cleaning is indeed a good business opportunity in Nigeria because it has a high return on investment.
Therefore, I urge entrepreneurs to take advantage of this great opportunity to set up profitable laundry and dry cleaning services that will attract lots