How to Start Home Based Body Cream Production


The skin is the largest organ of the human body it requires regular maintenance to prevent it from wearing out very fast.

The use of body creams is one way that helps to nourish the skin and make it look good and attractive. Body creams and other Cosmetics products are fashion items, people don’t joke with especially women folk it because it enhances a lady’s physical appearance.

As such fortunes are spent to purchase cosmetics and body creams yearly.


The production of cosmetics and body creams is no doubt a very profitable business worldwide; in fact, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry entrepreneurs should venture into making income. Most of the major brands of cosmetics and body creams you see in the market today all started from home-based production.

Steps To Start body cream production business

You can start a body cream production business at home to generate some income that will take care of your needs. The process of producing body creams at home is very simple.

Below is the process you need to put in place before you start the business.
Before you start a home-based body cream production please try and get proper training in body cream production first, because the human body is a very sensitive organ, and great care needs to be taken when producing anything that will be applied to the skin to prevent it from being damaged.

Equipment required.

Stainless steel tank with facilities for heating, and cooling and fitted with turbo propeller stirrers.

Production Process


Raw materials are required.

1. Petroleum jelly: 400 grams
2. Paraffin wax: 60 grams
3.Liquid paraffin : 40 CL
4. Colorant: 1-2 spoons.
5.Lanolin: Desired quantity
6. Methyl and polypropylene at the Desired quantity.
Production processes.
1. Measure 400 tables of petroleum jelly into the stainless steel tank and gradually heat up to melt the jelly.
2.  Add 60 grams of paraffin wax
3. Add 20 Cl of liquid paraffin oil
4. Add sufficient lanolin to the mixture for easy spreading.
5. Add Methyl and propylene (Desired quantity) to help in emulsifying the product.
6.  Add 1-2 tablespoonfuls of colorant and put perfume after the cosmetics have cooled down to about 30 degrees. Please blend the mixture thoroughly.
7. Finally pack the product into plastic packaging containers of various sizes for the market.

Packaging required.

Get your branded plastic containers from plastic companies in your locality Also get well-designed labels for your product from a printer.
Get cartons to package your containers of body cream for easy storage and conveyance.


Last and not least, after producing your body cream at home you need to market it to friends, neighbors, and others to generate needed income.


Remain blessed
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