With the rising cost of baking materials in Nigeria, bakers and producers of confectioneries are seriously looking for where to buy raw materials for baking at an affordable price.

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Butter is made from fat and used as a primary ingredients for baking bread, cakes and other baked products because it gives good texture when mixed with flour.

Butter can also be spread on bread and taken with tea and coffee. Butter can also be fortified with essential minerals and vitamins to provide nourishment to our body.
Therefore, setting up a home base butter production is easy and profitable.
Requirement for Butter Production
Below are the requirements for making butter at home.
Materials required and measurement
1. Palm oil (PKO), grandaunt oil, soya beans oil…..1gallon
2. Soft cheese …………………………………………..6kg
3. Table salt ……………….add small quantity to taste
4. Stabilizer and flavor
Machinery needed
1. Stainless steel deep boiler with stirrers. Or a steel pot
Production process
Heat the palm oil or any vegetable oil of your choice till it becomes bleached (white oil) and add the soft cheese to the bleached oil and allow it to dissolve while still being heated. Add salt to taste and stir thoroughly.
Remove it from the fire and Add small quantity of stabilizer, flavor and allow it to coagulate before packaging in to some branded small containers ready for sale.
Start up Capital Needed
Capital needed: N5000/above
The capital required to produce butter at home depends on the quantity you intended that means the larger quantity you desire the bigger the capital requirement.
You can take advantage of the high demand for butter to start producing it at home and then make money by supplying it to bakers of bread and cake in your neighborhood.
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