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How To Produce Washing Detergent at Home.

Do you know why owners of big companies like Unilever and Pzcussion Nigeria plc will continue to smile at the bank? The reason is that Omo and Elephant detergent washing powder sells like hot cake in Nigeria.

The demand for detergent washing powder is very high in Nigeria, on daily bases tons of the products are purchased and used for washing dirty clothes, cleaning offices and factory floors e.t.c.

Although the above-named companies produce detergents on a large scale, you too can take advantage of the high demand for the product in Nigeria to start producing detergents at home on a small scale and generate some income.

Producing detergents at home does not require large capital, equipment and raw materials are not expensive, the production process is quite simple and above all, it’s very profitable.

Requirement for producing detergent washing powder at home.

Factory or Space required.

Since it’s a home-based business you need to conserve your financial resources so, you don’t need to rent any factory or office space. You can use it as a factory or any vacant space in the house where you currently live. It could be your car garage, the backyard of your house, or any vacant room.

List of equipment required.

Steel tank fitted with a stirrer.
Weighing balance (scale).
Drying oven or you can use sunlight for drying.

List of raw materials required.

Fatty acid oil – 5 liters.
Caustic soda solution – 5liters.
Sulphuric acid – Add as desired.
Dye or colorants – Add as desired.
Perfume – Add as desired.

Capital needed

With N10, 000 and above you can start producing detergents at home and make some cool cash monthly.

Production process.

Measure out 5liters of fatty acid oil and add blue dye to it.
Add 5liters of caustic soda solution and stir vigorously.
Add sulphuric acid to the mixture immediately and stir well. 
NOTE: The reaction of this mixture is very fast and dries up immediately and it will also break the soap into small bits.
Add perfume and dry the detergent completely in a drying oven or use the sun to dry it up.
Finally, after drying, take the detergent to a grinding machine and grind it into small grains.
Pack the detergent into a small packaging nylon satchel for sale.


To sell your product fast, show it to friends, neighbors, co-workers e.t.c and it will surprise you to discover the kind of positive and encouraging feedback you will get from these people.
Reading this article on how to start producing detergent washing powder is timely; the current high rate of unemployment in Nigeria requires that you become empowered to overcome the present economic challenges.
Thus, I believe you will not just read this article and go to sleep without taking steps to start making money with this idea on home base detergent production.
Success is closer than failure only if you follow the right path in life.
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I wish you success.