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How to Start a Small Scale Livestock Feeds Production Business in Nigeria


Food is very important to the survival of not just human beings alone but to animals as well.

Animals need food to survive but they are also a source we human beings get our protein intake. The modern livestock farming system in Nigeria unlike the traditional farming systems requires that poultry birds, fish, and other domestic animals be kept in an enclosure where they can be adequately feed with formulated food for proper nourishment.

Small Scale Livestock Feeds Production Business in Nigeria

Demand for Livestock Feeds

Livestock animals that are properly feed will grow rapidly; produce enough milk, eggs, meat and other products a livestock farmer in Nigeria can sell to make sufficient profits to cater for his family. Livestock feeds are produced or formulated artificially using a combination of certain elements like carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and minerals that will help nourish animals.

The different types of livestock feeds that is being produced by feed millers in Nigeria are as follows.  Chicks mash, broilers mash, growers mash, layers mash e.t.c

Livestock feeds production is a very profitable business, the demand for animal feeds in Nigeria is high due to the fact that, livestock farmers can’t do with out feeding their animals except they want to go out of business.

You can start a small scale livestock feed production in Nigeria without regrets because it is very certain you will make enough cash doing the business. But before you start livestock feed production business, you will need to acquire some valuable skills in feeds formulation and marketing.

These two important factors, will largely determine how  successful you r feed milling business will be; if the feeds you produce is not properly  formulated  by not mixing  the right combination of nutrients needed your customers will stop to buying from you. Also you must add some creativity to your marketing to get more customers and make more sales.

How to start a small scale Livestock feeds production business in Nigeria

Requirement for Livestock Feeds production 

Basic requirements for starting a small scale livestock feeds production business

Below are some basic requirements for starting a small scale livestock feeds production business.

Requirement for 100bags installed capacity.

Factory space, this is the place where your production machines/equipments will be installed and also where you will keep you raw materials/finished

Grinding machine (locally fabricated hammer mill)

Mixing machine.

Weighing machine

Stand by Power generator.

Customized Bags for packaging

Livestock Feeds production raw material.

Livestock feeds Production Process

How to start a small scale Livestock feeds production business in Nigeria (Production process)

The production process for livestock feeds in Nigeria, involves weighing, grinding and mixing together of all the different feeds raw materials such as maize, bone ash, ground nut cake e.t.c.  Actually the production process for all livestock feeds are the same the only difference is in formulation.

Capital required.

To start livestock feeds production in Nigeria; you will need about N1,400,000/$9500 for purchasing the equipment listed above and at least N200, 000/$1500 initial raw materials.

Please note, the above figure doesn’t include the cost of renting a factory space as this depends on your location and the size of space you desire.

How to start a small scale Livestock feeds production business in Nigeria

Start marketing your livestock feeds

As a livestock feeds miller in Nigeria, you can sell your products to farmers directly, have your own sales point where you can sell directly to customers and also you can produce feeds for other people who bring their raw materials/formulation and charge them some fees for using your facility.


For wider patronage, you can put some advert in most national dailies newspapers in Nigeria to help create awareness for your products.

The cost of producing a bag of livestock feed say  for one bag of broiler mash is N1400/$10bag and the selling price is N2000/$14.

The profit made from one bag is N600/$4. Therefore if you can produce 100bags /day and you are sure of making N1, 500000/$10,000/month with sound marketing in place.
To get an up to date comprehensive feasibility studies on how to setup and make profit with your own Livestock feeds production business in Nigeria (cost N5,000/copy)

To Order a copy please pay the sum of N5, 000 into GTbank, Account (Bank Transfer)

Number: 001-030-8742,
Account Name; Ojo Otaru
After payment text your name, your e-mail address to 08081632025 and after confirmation of payment I will immediately send a copy of the Livestock feeds production business set up feasibility studies (PDF) to your email box.
I wish you success!

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      I have put together a detailed Feasibility studies on how to start live stock Feedmill production, you will need to have as a guide. The cost of the report is just N15,000 only to order yours please call me on 08037191728

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