It’s very easy to come up with fantastic business ideas, products and services but marketing them becomes a great challenge to majority of people not only in Nigeria but also the world at large.

Marketing Challenges and Opportunities

The reason why people see marketing challenging is because of, fear of rejection and failure.
I will like you to know that, fear of people rejecting your business ideas and fear of previous failures in business is not peculiar to you alone its common to every successful men and women you see everyday in Nigeria.

As you take steps to change your economic and social condition you will definitely come across some obstacles that will instill fear in you. 
Therefore, the quickest way to start promoting your ideas, products and services is through friends on facebook/twitter, church/mosque members, co-workers, neighbors and club member’s e.t.c.

And as you go about marketing your Business ideas to potential customers, don’t just tell them by word of mouth try get some marketing tools that will help you convince potential clients that you are a man or woman worth doing business with.

List of Important Marketing Tools 

Here are some very important marketing tools.

  1. A good business cards.
    Print the name of your company on a letter head paper and write a Letter introducing to your business to prospective clients.
  2. A telephone number. Now you can get a special GSM phone number in Nigeria that people can easily remembered.
    Fliers or hand bills.
    Take some samples of your products and their price list.
    Go along with your product catalog if you have one.
  3. Create a website/blog and Email to promote your Business ideas.
    Get a computer with internet access and reach out to forums members and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Open a business account with any bank in Nigeria, so you can receive bank cheques from individuals and companies.

With these tools, at hand you are sure to create a good & lasting impression about yourself and business in the minds of potential customers all over the world. And in no time you will start making money from customers as they begin to patronize your products and services.
I wish you success in your business.