Have you ever at any point in time consider how things will look like hygienically if, there were no soaps for you to take bath, wash clothes and clean our homes?


Dirty and smelling you said! Yes, you are very correct.

Washing soaps are very important in the maintenance of personal hygiene and the general cleanliness of the environment. No wonder they say  “cleanliness is next to godliness”.
Demand for liquid soap
The demand for liquid soaps will continue to increase as far as washing of plates in the kitchen, clothes and scrubbing of floor at home and in the factory is concern.
To make liquid soap at home and generate quick cash, you need the following.
Capital needed to make liquid soap.
You can make liquid soap with at least N20, 000. 
N10.000 for raw materials and N10, 000 for equipment but this amount depends on the scale at which you want to produce. If you want to make liquid soap on a large scale you will need more capital, registrations with relevant government agency like Nafdac of Nigeria (National administration for foods and drugs control), and buy expensive equipment.
Production equipment needed to make liquid soap.
1. Steel tank or plastic drum
2. Wooden stirrer or Blending tank/mixer fitted with stirrer if you can afford it.
3. Weighing scale
4. Hand Gloves.
5. Hydrometer
6. Packaging materials (1litre and 4liters plastic container)
7. Labels for branding.
Raw materials needed to make liquid soap. 
1.Palm kernel oil
2.ÂCaustic soda
3.Soda ash
4.Sodium silicate (P84)
6. Perfume(to remove odor)
7.  Diorites to be added when producing antiseptic soap.
Safety equipment needed to make liquid soap.
Before you start to make liquid soap please put on the following safety gadgets on to prevent chemicals accidents, like chemical coming in contact with the eyes and body.
Eye Google.
Hand gloves.
Safety shoe.
Production process required to make soap
Liquid soap production doesn’t require heating; you can make liquid soap under normal temperatures (cold process). Below is how to make liquid soap at home.
To make liquid soap use cold process.
1. Pour 5 liters of palm oil (PKO) in to a container.
2. Add colorant to the palm kernel oil
3. Add 2 *1/2 liters of caustic soda ash solution to the mixture and mix properly 
4. After mixing the materials together in the steel container or plastic drum, stir continuously and gradually add sufficient quantity of sodium silicate.
5. Gradually add some quantity of water and stir continuously until the mixture is dissolved properly into a solution. But make sure the quantity of water added is not too much.
6. Add Perfume.
7. After adding perfume to the liquid soap, you can now pour the liquid soap into 1ltre and 4litres plastic container and sell to friends, Restaurants/fast food centers in your area and in turn generate some cool cash.
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Also,to start your own liquid soap production and make money continuously, I have packaged an up to date  manual that contains 16 other related small scale production businesses listed below. The manual cost N5,000 only and it’s only for those who are interested in the business.

1.Youghurt drink
2. Custard powder
3. Medicated soap/non medicated
4. Body cream
5. Candle
6. Hair shampoo
7. Liquid toilet wash (harpic formula)
8. Germicide (izal formula)
9. Bleach (stain remover)
10. Liquid air freshener
11. Paint (only white and coated type)
12. Insecticide
13. Laundry bar soap
14. Medicated soap
15. Toilet soap
16. Petroleum jelly (vaseline)

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