Do you know you too can earn reasonable amount of income when you start a home base export brokerage business? 

Some individuals who are into export brokerage business in Nigeria make millions secretly right in the comfort of their homes, just by connecting local exporters with foreign buyers of solid minerals and agricultural commodities.

Demand for Exports

Undoubtedly, Nigeria have a high comparative advantage in the over many countries as far the production of cocoa, cassava, yam tubers, snails, Ginger, bitter kola, Arabic gum, Charcoal and other natural resources are concerned. As such, lots of manufacturing companies in Countries like the USA, Germany, UK, China, France, Japan and India have started looking towards Nigeria to source for cheap export of industrial raw materials for the manufacturing of finished goods.

Therefore your job as an export broker is to find and link up foreign buyers to reliable suppliers of exportable commodities in Nigeria who will do the shipment. And if the deal is successfully and shipment made then, you are sure to be paid a certain amount of money as commission or finders fee.
Just imagine you got a foreign export contract for the supply of 50metric tons of charcoal or ginger and the percentage commission due to you as the broker is $30/metric ton. You are sure to pocket the sum of $1500 for just that one deal alone without lifting a single bag of charcoal or ginger. Lets even say the export contract is only just 10metric ton which then means you will pocket the sum of $300.
Multiply the above amount with N150 (exchange rate) and tell me what kind of business in Nigeria will fetch you such money when you seat at home?

Capital Needed to Start export brokerage business

Indeed export brokerage business is a very profitable and doesn’t require huge start up capital.

Steps To Start export brokerage business

The basic requirement needed to start an export brokerage business is.
1. Have a working knowledge of export business.
2. Your ability to use a computer (even, if you don’t have a computer of your own, you can use a cyber cafe)
3. Your ability to find serious foreign buyers of agricultural and solid minerals raw materials.
4. Your ability to get links to reliable local suppliers of exportable agricultural and solid minerals commodities in Nigeria.
5. You need an email addresses and phone number to enable you start.
Once you have above requirements in place, then you on your way to start a profitable home based export brokerage business in Nigeria.
How ever to become a real successful export broker and to start generating monthly income, you will need to get more information on the following.
1. The different ways to get foreign buyers of exportable commodities directly.
2. Where to get local suppliers in Nigeria
3. How to attract and get export contracts from foreign buyers.
4. The best and safe method of payment.
6.  How to get the most current internationally approved commodity price list that will help you in fixing a reasonable price that will attract foreign buyers and also give enough profit.
7. Locations in Nigeria where you can get cheap agricultural and solid minerals to buy.
8.  Apart from been able to facilitate export contracts, you will also discover how to also make some extra income as a consultant to people who have interest in becoming export brokers.
Well all these money making information, I have packaged in a PDF (manual) for you and those people who want to make cool cash at home.  

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