Making liquid cold water starch and selling it to operators of laundry and dry cleaning business, is one profitable business opportunity in Nigeria that can generate steady and continuous income to investors.

You can start a small scale liquid cold water starch production business at home with a start up capital of just N15, 000 and be sure to make some cool N80, 000 monthly incomes.

Starch is a product of carbohydrate plants, for example, millet, maize and cassava, etc; apart from it being used in laundry services, it is also a major raw material in food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Liquid Cold Water Starch Production

The cheapest source of raw materials for starch production in Nigeria is cassava and it is widely available in country. Nigeria is even the world’s largest producer of cassava tubers.

Demand For Liquid Cold Starch

Starch is used in laundry services mainly to enhance the texture and appearance of certain fabrics, for example, Linen, Ankara, Khaki and Guinea brocade materials.

Powdered starch, spray starch and liquid cold water starch are some of the laundry starch products currently produced and sold in the Nigerian market. But the demand for liquid cold starch is higher than the other two because most operators of services prefer liquid cold water starch due to the fact that it is easy to apply on fabrics and does not emit bad odor when used.

Requirements for Liquid Cold Water starch Production 


Capital Needed To Start liquid cold water Starch Production

You can take advantage of the high demand for liquid cold water laundry starch in Nigeria to start earning at least N80, 000/month. You can produce at home and package it in one liter, two liter and five litre plastic containers and sell to laundry shops around your area for N150/liter.

Liquid Cold Water starch Production Process

Making liquid cold starch at home is very easy; the cost of purchasing raw materials is cheap, its production process is not complicated and its return on investment is high.

Liquid Cold Starch Production

Therefore, to enable you start the business quickly and make some money with less difficulties, I have packaged a manual on liquid cold water starch production business to help you. The manual (PDF) contains the following information.
1. List of materials for making liquid starch.
2. Where to purchase the raw materials for making liquid cold starch.
3. Production processes that are involved in liquid cold starch business.
4. Where to purchase packaging materials for your products.
5. And many more money making information.
This manual costs the sum of N5, 000/$20 only and it is for only those who are serious about overcoming joblessness and poverty but do not have huge start up capital for business.
To order a copy, pay the sum of N5, 000 to any GtBank, Account Name – Ojo Otaru, Account Number : 001-030-8742.

And after payment, send a text to 08081632025 which should contain your name, email address and bank teller number and immediately I get confirmation I will send your manual (PDF) to your email box.


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