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How to make N14, 000 weekly selling Charcoal locally in Nigeria.

It will shock you to hear that some of those women you see in your neighborhood selling charcoal to mallams (Suya meat sellers) and operators of food joints make at least N50, 000 monthly from the charcoal business here in Nigeria.

Selling Charcoal in Nigeria is profitable and you can start the business with a capital of N13, 000. You don’t need to rent a shop; you can simply use the free space at the front of your house to display the charcoal.
Sourcing your charcoal is not difficult, you can get charcoal to buy from either people who go to the forest to purchase from producer’s charcoal in large quantities or you go to the bush to buy directly from people who produce charcoal. But buying from these producers is lower in price but they will not sell to you unless you want to buy a truck load that contains about 130 bags of charcoal.
The cost of purchasing one bag of charcoal from a charcoal distributor is about N1300, you can sell to customers for N1550 and this gives you a profit of N250/bag. With serious marketing strategies in place, you can sell up to 55bags/week then multiply N250 by 55bags and that gives almost about N14, 000weekly.
But, you can actually make up to N550/bag if you buy bulk charcoal directly from producers in the bush, and with this, your profits will increase drastically.
Although, charcoal producers normally will not sell to you unless you are buying a minimum of a truckload and a truckload of charcoal contains about 130bags.
Places, where you can get charcoal to buy in bulk, are Iseyin, Imeko, and saki.
To start making profits from sales of charcoal you will need to visit several Suya spots and places where they cook food for sale to tell them you sell charcoal. You will also need to give them your GSM phone number so they can call you as soon as they have a need for charcoal.
With good customer relations, you stand to get regular orders that will make you smile always to the bank.
As your income increases, you can then venture into the charcoal export business, exporting charcoal from Nigeria to Europe, America, and Asia is profitable and you stand to make millions of Naira.
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  1. florence onwueme florence onwueme May 30, 2015

    I am interested but don’t know where to buy from


    If u need charcoal in bulk I,m ready to be supply u in large quantity.You can contact me,through this e-mail address:,or u call this mobil number: 2348101314910.

  3. Zuby Zuby August 30, 2015

    I am a charcoal producer at ogere in ogun state 08058254633

  4. Ajileye Adekunle Richard Ajileye Adekunle Richard February 18, 2016

    Needs a quality Charchol at your door step please call Richard on 08064274299 and If you are not up to buy 300bags at a time please don’t border to call, facebook contact @ Adekunle Richard

  5. Ola Badmus company: OLABEE-OKENNY ENT. Ola Badmus company: OLABEE-OKENNY ENT. March 8, 2016

    Am interest chacoal How to get customer of chacoal in international market this my email Tel. 08070954187

  6. mrs amaechi mrs amaechi December 19, 2016

    Am really interested in this charcoal business but I don’t know how to go about it,can u help?

  7. Pandemic olaiya Pandemic olaiya December 24, 2016

    I’m into charcoal business locally. International link is my great concern now. As I’m typing now I have nothing less than 1500 bags of charcoal.

  8. Margaret Inniobong Margaret Inniobong February 10, 2017

    I am interested and need to start this business

  9. idowu gafar idowu gafar March 13, 2017

    Am really interested but I no were to buy but how can I get a buyer from other country

  10. Idudhe Shem Ovuokero Idudhe Shem Ovuokero July 24, 2017

    I produce charcoal myself in Delta State, am correctly in possession of 100 bags of charcoal. I need contact urgent, and information of a buyer.

  11. oluwafemi babatunde oluwafemi babatunde September 4, 2017

    am real have interest in charcoal bizs, but I need a company DAT can buy like 300 bags from me.pls can anybody connect me?

  12. Kingsley Frank Kingsley Frank October 6, 2017

    Where can I sale charcoal in nigeria

  13. Dankwara Dankwara February 6, 2018

    Your write up is a blessing

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