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Make millions of Naira through cashew export from Nigeria.


The export of cashew nuts and other agricultural commodities from Nigeria is fast becoming very lucrative these days;

this is due to the high demand for Nigeria cashew in the international market.

Demand for cashew nuts
There are lots of foreign buyers of cashew nuts out there in Europe,
America and Asia who look forward to do business with honest and serious exporters.

I believe you could just be the right person they are looking for, so take
advantage of this opportunity to start exporting cashew nuts from Nigeria.

The major buyers of cashew nuts and other
cashew products are located in the United States of America, Netherlands, India,
United Kingdom, Singapore and Germany.
Major producers of cashew nuts
Nigeria is one of the major producers of cashew nuts in the world and the crop is grown in states like Kogi, Kwara, Ekiti, Osun, Ondo, Edo, Anambra,
Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi, Cross rivers and Benue.
Steps to Start cashew nuts Export

To start exporting cashew nuts, you will need to obtain a supply contract
from a foreign buyer. The foreign buyer may require that you send samples of
the commodity by courier to determine its quality. So, make sure you give them good
quality cashew to ensure you get regular export contracts.

The price of cashew in the international market is put at about
$1,000/metric ton while the local price cashew nuts in Nigeria goes for about
N110, 000/metric ton.With the above international and local price of cashew nuts, you can make up to N1million as profits when you invest the sum of N3million to export
20metric tons of cashew nuts.

Your profit margin from cashew export depends on the volume of order or
supply contract you got from the foreign buyer. The larger the volume of cashew
you are able to export successfully, the higher will be the profits to be made.


Please Note =keys to making mega profits from Cashew
export is your ability to get supply contracts from foreign buyers and to follow correctly all laid down customs/shipping procedures for export.

Therefore to make money from cashew export quickly, get my recently packaged in a manual that cost N5,000 only.
To place order Cashew export manual kindly call me on :08037191728, I wish you well.

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  1. Armada Volya Armada Volya April 2, 2011

    $1000/1 metric ton? oh man… I wish I had some place to store that, I'd buy it for myself. I'd addicted to raw cashews and so is everyone I know, so it would last us about a year at most. Btw, there is a raw foodism movement here in the US and raw nuts sell for much more then roasted, don't know how much stores buy it for though.

    Surealism and Abstract art

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    hello am intrested in getting esport contacts as i have a cashew farm based in benue sate and i have the ability to supply over 20 tons as the needs arisies.my cHALLENGE IS IN GETTING THE EXPORT CONTRACT.KINDLY LINK ME ON

  4. chals chals April 16, 2016

    i need cashew suppliers

    • 244okorovafoli874 244okorovafoli874 Post author | April 16, 2016

      For Cashew nut supplier Call Omowa on 08146521601

  5. Abdul odiba Abdul odiba July 2, 2016

    I want to export cashew nut from nigeria. Please link me up to the outside world.

  6. Medinat.o.olayiwola Medinat.o.olayiwola August 22, 2016

    I want local supllers that as good guality cashew

  7. Azariah Azariah March 9, 2017


  8. Mr olusola Mr olusola April 13, 2017

    I want to export cashew nut from Nigeria pls I need

  9. Ochimana Solomon s. Ochimana Solomon s. June 30, 2018

    Mr Ochimana Solomon, Iam from Kogi state in dekina local Gouernment the highest cashew producer in Nigeria, please I what to be among cashew suplier comtant me.

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