Apart from the ease at which people now communicate freely with one another in Nigeria, the introduction of affordable GSM mobile phone lines into Nigeria, undoubtedly has brought lots of economic benefits to the ordinary people on the street.


The usage of GSM phones has indeed opened up income generation opportunities for Nigerians through printing of recharge cards, sales of recharge cards, SMS short code business, bulk SMS business, phone call business, sales and repairs of handsets.

With an estimated 80 million users of mobile phone lines in Nigeria, interested entrepreneurs can venture and make money from any of the GSM related businesses.


My focus in this article is to show you how to start a profitable GSM handset maintenance/repair business and in subsequent articles I shall discuss how to make profit from other GSM business opportunities in Nigeria.

You can truly make money from GSM phone handsets maintenance/repair business because the opportunities are there. Remember, there are so many GSM handset users living even in your street that may be looking for the services of a reliable and honest GSM technician to diagnose and rectify faults on their mobile phones.

Therefore, you can leverage on this opportunity that abound in your area to start generating daily income for yourself through GSM phone handsets maintenance/repair business. With GSM handset repair business you can make up to N4, 000/day and N75, 000/month.

Setting up your own GSM repair business does not require huge start up capital and you may not need to rent a shop to start, you can do it right at home or in the place where you work during break time. I have a colleague who makes extra cash on part time basis in the company I once worked for in Lagos/Nigeria from GSM handset repairs in addition to his salary. And he has a lot of people who patronize his services both in that office and at home.

With the sum of N23, 000 you can comfortably start the business. This amount covers the cost of training and purchases of basic GSM handset repair tools.

Below is a breakdown of the initial cost of setting up the business and other requirements.

Capital Requirement:

Training fee   = N12 000
Cost of purchasing basic Tools = N 8, 000
Working table and chair  =N3, 000

Total cost = N 23, 000

Training requirement :

You need training to acquire technical knowledge before you commence the repairs of GSM handset for people.

To acquire basic knowledge for GSM handset repair you will need to go to experts to get it.

There are many of such competent GSM handset repairers in the Computer Village, Ikeja, so if you reside in Lagos you can go there to perfect your skills.

Tools Requirement

The following are some basic tools you will need to start the repairs of GSM handsets:
Sets of small GSM screw drivers.
Hand lens
Soldering iron
Soft hand brush
Volt meter, etc

Marketing requirement

To make money from GSM maintenance business, you will need to market your services to people especially those in your neighbourhood. Also, friends, family members, members of your club and the religious place where you worship can buyer into your services. Try them and you will be surprised at the level of encouragement you will get from them in terms patronage.
But to get their full support you must prove yourself an honest and reliable person.
If you charge them a minimum of N500 for the least job you do and you are able to get eight people who patronize your GSM repair services daily, you are sure to make N4, 000/day and N75, 000/month.


With this I strongly believe you will make it, if you venture into GSM handset repair business in Nigeria.
See you at the top.