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Discover How to Making Millions of Naira from Waste Paper Business in Nigeria.

Do you know you can make money consistently from the large volumes of waste papers being generated daily in various industries, offices and homes in Nigeria?
How? you may ask OK, it’s by starting your own waste paper collection and supply business in Nigeria.

How To Start Waste Paper Business in Nigeria


Currently a world wide campaign against deforestation is being championed by the United Nations and this has made recycling of waste papers an alternative source of getting cheap raw materials for use in paper conversion industries.

You see, what others call waste is actually never a waste because one man’s waste, they say, is another man’s raw material.
Those waste papers being dumped indiscriminately on our roads and those you find in most refuse dump sites can actually be turned into money when collected and recycled into useful paper products like tissue papers and carton board, etc.


There are many companies and paper mills that purchase waste papers in large quantities either to recycle them directly in Nigeria or to ship them to recycling plants in china and India.

Types of Waste Paper

Waste papers for recycling can be classified into the following categories:

Unsold newspapers.

Off cut from printed or colored papers

Off cut from pure white envelopes.

Off cut from carton and packaging paper materials.

So you can take advantage of the high demand for waste papers to start the business in Nigeria.

It is a very profitable business you can start with little capital and through it you can make millions of Naira annually. I can categorically tell you that, I know a lot of people in Nigeria who are into the business of waste paper collection with just small start up capitals but have become millionaires today.

Therefore, you too can start earning regular income from the waste paper business.
The cost of buying and selling one kilogram of the above mentioned waste papers are not the same. The whiter the waste paper the more the cost, colored waste papers cost less.
The cost of buying pure white waste paper (off cut from envelopes) is around N25, 000 per ton and you can sell it to recycling plants for up to N50,000 per ton.
So, if you are asked by a recycling plant to supply say five tons at N50, 000 per ton that means you are sure to make the sum N125, 000 as profit.

Requirements for Startup

Requirements for starting waste paper collection business in Nigeria

Below are the requirements for starting waste paper collection business in Nigeria:

Capital Required

You can start waste paper supply business with at least N10, 000 and above. With N10, 000 you can start buying waste papers from individuals and companies and then sell them to other waste paper merchants in your area to increase your capital base.
How to get Large quantities of Waste Paper?

You can get waste papers to buy in large quantities at very a cheap price when you go to corporate offices like banks, printing press, envelope production companies, newspaper houses in Nigeria, newspaper vendors and government offices, etc.
Also you can buy waste papers from individuals who bring their own waste papers to you.

Equipment needed

 You need two wooden boxes of about 70cm by 70cm by 50cm in size to stack and to properly package waste papers for weighing.

Weighing scale

Also, you need a vehicle to convey your waste papers from offices to your business premises and to recycling plants.
You need strong ropes for stacking waste papers.


I believe in this article you have discovered how you too can easily make money from waste paper business in Nigeria with little capital. Please, don’t let it end there, try and work on this profitable business idea and money will come to you in tons.
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Remain a Blessing.

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    Kehinde Adewale

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    • Bukola O Bukola O September 4, 2019

      Hi Mr Ojo,
      Thanks for the article. Please I would love to personally contact you so that you can guide me further on this business. Please can I have your phone number?

      • ojootaru ojootaru Post author | September 20, 2019

        call 08037191728

  13. chris chris May 22, 2016

    please send me addresses of paper recycling company in south east

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  26. Godswill Idornata Godswill Idornata July 4, 2017

    Hi please am interested in this business but I stay in Port-Harcourt Rivers how do I start from my location my no. Is 08134953020

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