Majority of cars in Nigeria today are imported from Europe and America. These are electronic and computerized configured vehicles (automatic), that require the use of auto diagnostic scanners to detect faults when ever one arises.

 Actron Auto diagnostic scanners in Nigeria

Without the aid of an auto scanner repair work cant be carried out by any mechanic. This singular reason has incapacitated most mechanics in Nigeria because they were only trained on how to repair vehicles that are operated manually.

Need For Auto diagnostic scanners

Therefore, young school leavers and graduates in Nigerian can take advantage of this vacuum to make money by using Actron OBDII auto diagnostic scanners to diagnose faults for cars owners.
Actron OBDII auto diagnostic scanner is a tool that has really made the diagnosis of faults in cars and trucks very simple these days, unlike before when it was difficult, laborious and time consuming.

But with Actron OBD II Auto scanner you can now detect faults in a split second.

Below is a picture of Actron OBDII auto scanner and its price.
Actron auto scanner is durable, easy to use and gives accurate results when used for diagnosis. It comes with a software and CD tutorial that will teach you how to fix cars faster.


With Actron OBDII auto diagnostic scanner you are very sure of making at least N130, 000 monthly if you have up to 13 customers in a month and you charge them N10, 000 per vehicle.

How to Get Auto diagnostic scanners

You can buy directly from amazon, alternatively If you are Nigeria and interested in having this auto diagnostic scanner to make money Naijabizcom will assist you in buying and shipping it to your doorstep wherever you reside in Nigeria with extra charges.


To order please, email me at cashkom@gmail.com or call 08081632025.
Wishing you all the best.