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Make N200,000 monthly Profits Producing Ice Block in Nigeria.


Do you know some smart investors are making huge profits from the ever increasing demand for ice block in Nigeria? The high demand for Ice block is due to the hot climatic weather condition in Nigeria and the inadequate power supply from PHCN.

Ice block is water in its solid state. It is produced when water is fed into some containers/nylon bags and then packed into an Ice block making machine for some hours to solidify. Ice blocks can also be produced with the aid of some chemicals, this type of Ice block is known as anti-freeze ice.

Producing Ice Block in Nigeria


Ice blocks are mostly used to cool drinks and beverages. We all know that a chilled Coke-cola, bottled Water, Malt drink, Beer, Kunu and Ice creams usually taste nice and refreshing especially when taken after a long day stay in the sun.
The major users of ice block in Nigeria are hospitals, hotels, Shop owners, street Traders and Organizers of parties in highly populated towns and cities like Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Maiduguri, Kano and sokoto. The cost of selling one ice block (whole sales price) about N50 (raining season) and about N150 during the dry season.
Here is an opportunity, for those looking forward to start a good business with high returns on investment. So make that move, Ice block production in Nigeria is profitable, the demand for the product is high, required start up capital is not too high and the major raw material for production (water) is readily available in the country.




The capital required to start an Ice block production business in Nigeria depends on the quantity of ice block you intend to produce per day. You can start with an ordinary domestic freezer which is less expensive and less profitable. But if you want to generate say N200, 000 per month, then you need about 2million Naira and above as capital to purchase your Ice block making machines and other equipment needed. The above figure doesn’t include the cost of renting a factory space or the building to install your machines as the cost of renting accommodation differs from one location to the other.


The various equipments needed for Ice block production can be sourced right here in Nigeria, there are a lot of locally fabricated Ice block making machine and the imported ones you can buy in the country. These Ice block machines are not the same in terms of capacity and cost, their production capacity ranges from 40blocks to 200blocks per 12hurs.


Chose a favorable location where you can site your business easily and produce ice block your ice block without hindrance. If have a land of your own you can use it or you can rent one to set up your Ice block making factory.


To ensure steady power supply, you need a standby generator as an alternative to PHCN this is to ensure continuous production Ice block.


To get new customers and retain old once, you will need to purchase one or two cooling Van to aid the quick conveyance of your Ice block to places within and around your locality where you can easily sell them before the arrival of your competitors.


Water is very important in Ice block business so, you will need to either sink a water bore hole or buy water from commercial water tankers in your area.


When sourcing for nylon please, Order correctly because there are different types of nylon in the market but, there is a nylon specially made for Ice block packaging go for that.


Making Ice block in Nigeria is indeed a profitable business, it is highly demanded nation wide and those into it are constantly smiling to the bank. Base on the success achieved by those who are into that I know, I can confidently recommend this business to any Nigerian who is desirous of starting a profitable business of his/her own.
If you are interested in having a complete feasibility report to start ice block business.

Please pay the sum of N5000 only to  any Gtbank,
A/C. Number: 001-030-8742,
A/C. Name; Otaru, Ojo Anslem and after
payment send a text message containing bank teller number to this phone numbers : +23481632025. Within 24hours of payment of
confirmation, I will send the PDF manual to your email box.
For more enquirers you can call me on 08081632025

Also, you can contact me for purchase of Ice Block machines through this email address Cashkom@gmail.com or call 08081632025
Feel free to make comments on Naijabizcom using the Facebook comment box below and also subscribe to my feeds using your email address. This will enable you receive every new business ideas posted on blog right in your email box.
I wish you the best.

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  1. rewfarasfvmsdr rewfarasfvmsdr October 2, 2011

    Websites you should visit…

    I really liked your blog, appreciate the great information….


    i love this business but can you send me the link to the ice block machine. thanks

  3. Abdul Adeniji Abdul Adeniji July 10, 2016

    Looks like its profitable but power is a challenge. How can we get diesel generator?

  4. OluSegun Adeboboye OluSegun Adeboboye December 6, 2016

    I will like to go into this business, ice block making

  5. balogun s.s balogun s.s January 16, 2017

    Very much intrested…i already have a diesel generator of 20kva, i only reqiure the machine, i have bore hole already,,i know the customers base so i am going into it..

  6. Daniel onakpoma Daniel onakpoma April 8, 2017

    Sir, i gain alot on ur post pls i w love to see u personal

  7. nkechi nkechi July 19, 2017

    find the information on the blog very useful.
    will love to revive an ice block producing factory but will love if i could meet you personally for some coaching on how to go about it.
    thank you…

  8. Remi Amoks Remi Amoks July 22, 2017

    Love to meet you personally on the iced block making business.

    • 244OgeKweFoli153 244OgeKweFoli153 Post author | July 22, 2017

      please us the Contact Us link on the navigation bar above to reach me

  9. nwaozor chima nwaozor chima August 15, 2017

    what are the risk or challenges in this business. How do i know the amount for each equipment required for the ice block production.

  10. Adeniyi Aree Adeniyi Aree January 9, 2021

    Good day,
    please there is no business without challenges. What is the major challenges in ice block business.
    And how do I meet you for better understanding and guidelines?

    • ojootaru ojootaru Post author | January 12, 2021

      Lack of Electricity is the major challenge for Ice block makers in Nigeria.But with a generator you can over come it.

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