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Photography Business in Nigeria-How to start making huge Income on weekly basis

The first time I heard this statement Nigerians are the happiest people in the world I was surprised. Then I asked myself, is it because Nigerians are so wealthy economically or what are the reasons?

  Photography Business in Nigeria  – How to start making huge Income on weekly basis

How To Start Photography Business in Nigeria

It took me some time to understand that the resilience spirit of the Nigerian not to give up in any situation is what makes him/her happy always.


Nigerians are indeed a happy people; always giving thanks to the almighty for being alive and celebrates even little achievements that people else where will take for granted. An on daily basis lots of social and economic events are organized by individual/companies e.g. Birthdays, Wedding ceremonies, Conferences/ Seminars, burial rites, Schools Graduations/Convocation ceremonies, Arts exhibitions/ Audition, Sports tournaments and many more.

All these are important events in Nigeria where party organizers and guest alike pay professional photographers for taking them quality photographs that truly captured their happiest moments in life.


Photography business in Nigeria is a profitable business; one can generate a steady income of at least N30, 000 weekly and N120, 000monthly taking photographs at church wedding ceremonies and birthday parties.

Steps To Starting Photography Business

To start your own photography business in Nigeria is to not a difficult thing, but there are two basic requirements you need to meet.


The basic requirements are getting training from a professional photographer and start up capital for purchasing digital cameras and other equipment needed to produce quality jobs for customers.

The start up capital needed for the business depends largely on the type of equipment you want to be using whether analog or digital cameras. If it’s an analog camera you want to use, that wouldn’t cost you so much but the world have gone pass that level. We are now in a digital world where quality photographic works are produced with ease using digital cameras and other modern equipment.

It is better to start photography business with Digital equipment for easy operation and achieving a superb job.

The amount of money needed to start photography business using digital cameras, a Laptop computer, studio light, a printer and other equipment ranges from N280, 000 and above.
Photography in Nigeria is a lucrative business so; get for yourself a digital Cannon T1i camera Kit today, with it capture the worlds beauty and you will be surprise how those who love beautiful things will handsomely reward you.


For, further enquirers please email cashkom@gmail.com or simply call +23418081632025. Also please help, share this important information to friends on Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms and as you do, your blessings will never stop.

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