Easiest Way to Start Laptop computer repair Business in Nigeria


Welcome to Naijabizcom, although I may not know exactly where you are seated at this very moment I’m quite sure you are here in search of profitable ideas to set up your own small-scale business in Nigeria.


Well, we all know that the high level of unemployment and increasing cost of living in Nigeria requires that every individual must try as much as possible to have at least two or more streams of income to remain afloat financially.

Therefore, to start earning an additional income I will advise you consider setting up a laptop computer repair business. Below are reasons why the laptop repair business in Nigeria is so profitable that when you finally start you will never regret why you did it.
The demand for laptop repairers in Nigeria is very high due to the fact that the majority of youths and business executives now own laptops and as such must need the services of a repairer to maintain, diagnose and fix faults on laptops whenever it arises.

Capital Needed

A laptop repair business does not require a large amount of money as start-up capital with at least N25, 000 you can kick-start the business. This cost includes training fees of about N15, 000 and N10, 000 for purchasing needed laptop repair tools.

Also, making money from a laptop repair business does not require you to rent a shop or an office because you can actually start even in your one-room apartment.
You can make more than One hundred thousand Naira on a monthly basis if you put up an aggressive marketing system that will enable you to get more people to patronize your services.

Also, you must try your best to always satisfy customers in terms of rendering quality services. These two factors are keys to your success in the laptop repair business so, don’t take them for granted.
Success will surely come your way, as far as you are making effort to change whatever condition you find yourself in that you don’t like. Therefore take that little first step and before you know it you are already in your promised land.


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