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How to generate 3million Naira Annually thorough printing paper cutting Business in Nigeria.

Printing Paper Cutting Business in Nigeria


I don’t know how conversant you are with the huge money making opportunities that printing and publishing business in Nigeria can offer.


Well, I did take some time out of my busy schedule to investigate the many opportunities that are present in printing and publishing business in Nigeria and I discovered that majority of printing press in Lagos (the hub of printing business in Nigeria),operate on small scale and most of them don’t have sections where bond paper can be cut to various sizes before and after printing jobs are completed for customers. 


Before bond papers are used for printed works like books, newspapers, journals, Novels, manuals and other office stationary products, it must first be cut into sizes e.g A4, A3, A5 etc to suit the different types of Printing machines ( 201 and Cord printing Machine) to be used for a particular printing job. Also, to achieve good finishing on any printed job and stationary papers these products are taken to a Guillotine paper cutting machine where all rough and unwanted edges are sheared off to give it a fine appearance.
The vacuum created by the non availability of Guillotine paper cutting machines in most printing presses have made things difficult for freelance printers and publishers when it comes to cutting  their printed jobs,they have to keeping moving from one printing shop to the other to get their paper cut to size.
But, this also have opened up opportunities for some few people whose press have a Guillotine paper cutting machine to make millions of Naira annually from paper cutting business.
They charge as much as N20 for every single line cut made by the blade of the Guillotine paper machine. A freelance printer that wants to cut a 17 by 27inches bond paper into A4 (cut four) will have to pay N80per ream and N8000 if it is ten reams he is cutting.
The Cutting of these ten reams of Bond paper usually don’t take up to 30minutes for the machine operator to complete. With more customers you can make more than N8000per day and even, if the daily profit is made to stand at N8000, Bond Paper Cutting business in Nigeria will still be profitable. And apart from the income generated by cutting bond papers directly, additional income can still be made by gathering together all the waste papers left behind by customers, this you can sell to people who are into waste paper business in your area for recycling.
You can go through my previous articles and discover how to start waste paper business in Nigeria.  And considering all the cost incurred in running the business per year, you are sure of making at least 3million Naira annually from printing paper cutting business in Nigeria no stress!

Start up Requirement

You will need to purchase a GUILLOTINE PAPER CUTTING MACHINE.
Put in place a Stand by DIESEL GENERATOR in case there is power failure from the public power supply company.
You need a MEASURING TAPE for taking measurement.
To start you need to RENT A SHOP of at least (A 12 by 12 feet) where the cutting machine will be installed.
Get an engineer to properly INSTALL THE MACHINE and get all the electrical wiring fixed.
LOCATION and MARKETING. When looking for a place to site your paper cutting business in Nigeria please, try as much as possible to get a good location that will enable make money doing the business. The best location to site this type of business are places where there is a large concentration of printing activities going on or alternatively you can site your paper cutting business in less concentrated areas but, you have to attract printers and publishers to your shop, if you go into selling of printing materials or render services that are related to printing business e.g selling bond paper, printers ink, type setting services, lithographic services or the actual printing impression for customers.

Capital Needed

CAPITAL needed to start bond paper cutting business in Nigeria can put at least 2million Naira it all depends on size of machine you choice to buy and how large the space to are renting to setup your business. The above capital is used to buy a Guillotine cutting machine, a generator set, payment for rented space or shop and the cost of installation of equipment.


If are looking for the easiest way to start a profitable printing business in Nigeria, I believe this piece of information on bond paper cutting business in Nigeria will be useful to you and will make you Millions of Naira. When you start your own printing press through the cutting of bond papers, you are simply setting a good tone that will attract many freelance printers and publishers to your business, there by making your printing press a one stop business center where all printers or publishers can come to and get their entire printing job done without wasting much time moving from one place to the other.
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Remain Blessed.


  1. omovie omo omovie omo April 14, 2015

    i wld wnt more update on startin up a printin biz tanx

  2. Samuel Atabeh Samuel Atabeh February 21, 2016

    I want to know if we have any paper producing company in Nigeria andif not, do you have the idea of the cost of getting writing/printing paper machine. Thanos in advance

  3. decopyist decopyist May 4, 2016

    Use a picture to show the sample of a bond paper. this will enable evey reader to appreciate the article the more. what is the future outlook of this cutting machine. will it be phased out?

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