Plantain chips production is one the easiest business you can start in Nigeria if you want to generate quick cash right at home.


The reasons why plantain production business is easy to setup is because plantain chips is a snacks widely eaten by all, the start up capital requirement is low, you don’t need to rent a shop and plantain is readily available in the country especially in the south/middle belt regions of Nigeria.

Capital Needed to Start Plantain Chips Production Business

With an initial start up capital of N15, 000, you can generate income of at least N10, 000/day when you are able to produce 1000 packets of plantain chips on daily basis. The street price for a small nylon pack of plantain chips sells for as much as N100 in Lagos and in other parts of Nigeria.

Requirements for Starting plantain chips production business In Nigeria

Therefore, to start your plantain chips production business In Nigeria, here are the requirements and the steps to follow.
REQUIRED CAPITAL TO START THE BUSINESS. With an initial capital of N15000 you can comfortably start the business
Plantain chips cutter or table knife.
Big fry pan.
Portable Nylon sealing machine.
Gas burner or kerosene stove.
Weighing scale.
Some bunch of ripe or unripe plantain.
Vegetable Oil.
Table salt.
Plain packaging nylon or customized nylon
Printed label.

Plantain Chips Production process

Peel the back of the plantain (ripe or unripe).
Cut or slice the already peeled plantain into small chips using your kitchen knife or plantain cutter.
Add some quantity of table salt or Sugar depending on what your customers will like.
Light your stove or gas burner, place your big frying pan and then pour in the vegetable Oil to get hot.
Start putting into the hot vegetable Oil some quantity of the sliced plantain to fry till it becomes slightly golden brown color before you packed them out and allow it to cool.
Now, you can start weighing the already fried plantain chips in 50gs each and then packed into your customized nylon or plain nylon with printed labels and get it ready for the market.
Plan Packaging Nylon or customize nylon
Printed labels
WHERE TO MARKET YOUR PLANTAIN CHIPS. You can start making money instantly as you introduce your plantain chips to relatives,friends and neighbors. Also, don’t fail to take your products to the numerous provision stores and schools in your area these are the places you will find people who will buy from you consistently.


NOTE. On your packaging nylon please, don’t forget to print your product name, address and phone numbers for easy contact by those you will want you to start supplying them in large quantity here in Nigeria.
Here is another profitable business opportunity for you to generate quick cash with little start up capital. Like they say opportunity comes but once,Hope you wouldn’t let this pass you bye again, because NOW, IS YOUR TURN TO MAKE IT.  Take all necessary steps and your dreams will surely become a reality.

Also, if you need practical training on how to make delicious plantain chips that will keep pouring money into your bank account in Nigeria, contact me using the comment box below.
Remain blessed.