he era of industrial revolution has come and gone. Now we live in an information age where knowledge has become the main weapon for overcoming economic recession and the stiff competition in business.
To join the league of the rich and powerful people controlling the world’s natural resources and finance you will need to equip yourself with relevant information in the area of your business. And one of the easiest ways of acquiring information that will give you an edge over your competitors in business is through reading of books. 
 Reading books that are relevant to your profession or business will give you an in-depth knowledge to what your competitors are doing that as made them more successful than you are. Also you will learn how great achievers in your field of endeavor where able to succeed even in spite of the tough times they went through. Remember, the saying Readers are Learners and Learners are Leaders.
To overcome those difficult business and financial challenges you are going through, you will need to start looking for solution by reading books. The solutions to your problems may be lying down in your book shelf. Check your stock pile of books you have not created time to study. If you can squeeze out say one hour of your precious time to ready a book per day then you are on your way to the top.
There are several book titles on leadership, business and finance etc buy them and read. But, if you don’t mind I will like to recommend to you ten powerful books that have helped and several millions of people the world over to succeed in life. These books are classics they will continue to influence people, even the lives of children yet unborn.
Below are three powerful books you must read to make money and achieve business success.

As you purchase copies of these books and study them your life will not only be transformed by the information it contains but will make you to become a transformer of lives.