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How to Get Approval for Trademarks Registration in Nigeria

Dear friend, Do you know that your company’s Logo and product name are valuable industrial property (TRADEMARKS) you must guard jealously if you want to remain in business?

How To Register Trademarks In Nigeria

Why Register a Trademark?

In case you don’t know your company’s  trademarks are your identity in the market place, it is your trademarks that customers and others will use to identify or distinguish your products in the market when they make purchases. And if you have a particular product that is well promoted, well-known and record high volume of sales in the market then the product logo and name becomes a hot cake that others will want to fake by all means to generate quick cash.

Therefore, to safe guard your investment for continuous profit in business, you need to register your trademarks. The trademarks Act of 1990 has adequately made provision for the protection of all registered trademarks in Nigeria. This means that you can sue in the law court those who dare to use your TRADEMARKS on their products and claim some damages for violating your economic rights.

Examples of Trademarks

Examples of some well known registered trademarks in Nigeria are Coca-cola, star larger beer, Guinness, Glo and Nestle etc.
So rush quickly to start the registration of your product trademarks. With the certificate of trademarks approval in your hands you will be protected from the activities of those dubious business men who are only interested in reaping from where they have not sown.


Requirements for Registering Trademarks In Nigeria

# Go to the Federal ministry of Commerce and industry and obtain your registration form.
# Get a drawing of the logo ready.
# Write an application letter for registration and attach it take the form, include your name, address and your state. Your application letter should also state clearly why you want to register that particular trademarks.
# You must state clearly the date you started using the trademarks.
# Provide a list of products to which you intend to use the trademarks.
# Provide 5Labels or specimens of product.
# Pay the recommended application fees to designated bank.
# Submit the completed registration form to the office of the ministry of commerce and then wait to get approval.

If the trademarks is approved you know about it through the trademarks/patent office publication for approved trademarks in Nigeria.
Also, this publication allow for claims and objections to enable any body or organization who feel they have suffered some damages as a result of that particular registered trademarks will file notice of opposition or objection and stating why they oppose the registration of that trademarks.

If no body or organization opposes the registration with a particular time frame then a certificate of registration will be issued to you.

Where To Register Trademarks In Nigeria

To obtain the registration form here is the address of the Federal ministry of commerce and industries office in Abuja.(Block H, Old Federal Secretariat, Garki Area 1, P.M.B 88, Garki, Abuja)

Cost of Registering Trademarks

On the whole you will need about N20,000 to N30,000 to get your trademark registration done.


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  3. Damen Damen October 8, 2015

    Hello Sir, thanks for this insightful article. However, I need clarity on one point which appears to have been implied in your post. Can individuals directly register their trademarks themselves at the Trademarks, Patents and Designs Registry without going through an accredited agent?
    The procedure for trademark registration, as it is known to me, suggests that only accredited lawyers (Not every lawyer) can carryout filings/registrations at the Trademark Registry

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