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How to Start Property Business

lot of people think and have this believe that, you must have millions of Naira to start property business in Nigeria. This is not true! You can actually start your own property business in Nigeria with little or no capital and still make millions of Naira as commission earned from sales of landed property.
The Property business is very lucrative. Really, your shares in the stocks market can crash at any given time without warning, cash saved in the bank can be affected by inflationary trends, but owning landed properties is the best and safest form of investment any day. For this is the reason, more and more people struggle hard to own lands and houses at all cost in commercial centers like Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt and Kano.
For instance, the price of a landed property built or bought six months ago in Victoria Island Lagos for N50million Naira can actually be sold for N80million Naira to day due to high demand for property in this area.You can see that Property business in Nigeria is very profitable and with just little capital you can start it. Some people have become millionaires through sales of properties in highbrow areas like Leki peninsula, Victoria Island, Ikeja GRA and Ikoyi Lagos. You will be surprise to hear that most of them started with little or no start up capital few years ago.
To start property business you don’t need much capital! All you need do is to help property owners sell their lands and houses and get paid some commission. You are sure to receive up to 5% commission for every property sales you help to facilitate so, calculate for example 5% of N80million property sold through your links and see how much cash you stand to make from a single property deal. 
Property business I will repeat is very lucrative and you can actually start with at least N15, 000 and make millions of Naira regularly.
Therefore, to educate you more on how to quickly start property business with N15,000.
Watch out for future post that will reveal the following.
How to locate properties that will fetch you the millions of Naira as commission.
How to get high net worth individuals who can spend big money to buy landed properties.
How to negotiate with people and companies that who give you property to sell.
How to obtain C of O for landed properties.
Remain blessed.

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