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Charcoal Export Season in Nigeria Starts Next Month (Update)

Are you planning to charcoal export from Nigeria but don’t know the particular time/season of the year most suitable for buying and exporting the product to foreign buyers in Europe and America?
Or maybe you have heard that export business is very lucrative and you want some vital information that will enable you start quickly?
Well, what ever maybe the case I will like to inform you that Charcoal export season starts in October to June every year.

Normally October to June is the period of the year when most buyers of charcoal in the UK, Germany and France issue out large contracts to exporters for their charcoal supplies, knowing fully well that in the raining seasons most producers of charcoal in the country usually have problems of storage and thus can not produce quality charcoal.
So, if you are interested in this business now is the time to take advantage of the high demand for charcoal in the international market to make huge profits in Pounds Starlings and Euro.
However, if you want to know how to start charcoal export business please, read my previous article for more information.
This article is an update of the article just mentioned above, study it to enable you prepare adequately for the charcoal export season so you are taken unaware. As the season commence next month, you have to make necessary arrangement with local producers of charcoal, freight forwarders in the country and all those who will help you meet up with supply deadline.
You ability to meet the supply deadline will delight foreign buyers and you are sure of more juicy contracts from them.
You can reach out to numerous foreign buyers out there in Europe and obtain export contracts from them that is worth millions of Naira. So, to enable you get in touch with these foreign buyers for contracts, I have packaged a PDF manual that contains various ways of contacting international buyers of agricultural and solid minerals from Nigeria. If, you are interested in this package please send email to or call 08081632025 for details on how you get a copy.
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