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Choosing an Attractive Name for your Business and Website

There are many things in life that can make or mar your chances of achieving your desired success in business. One of such things is the name you chose to call your company and website.

Your company and website identity in the market place is the name people know it for and with this name clients will find it very easy to distinguish your business from that of your competitors.

So, what ever name you finally decide to call your company and website, either creates a good or bad impression about your business in the minds of people in the society. If you chose a good name then a lot of people will be attracted to trade with you but a bad name will always repel them.

Therefore, it is not enough to setup a business and just call it what ever name you feel like without considering the impression it will create in the minds of the public. To create a favorable impression about your business in the minds of people, make sure you choose a name they will like to associate with.

Below are things you must consider to come up with an appropriate name that will attract clients to your business.

1.     CHOOSE SHORT NAMES.  Let your company and website name be very short and not the long winding types of name that will be difficult for people to remember. An example of a short name is Sony, Nestle etc

2.     CHOOSE A NAME THAT CAN EASILY BE PRONOUNCED. Let it be a simple name that people can easily pronounce and not the jaw breaking kind of names. Avoid jaw breaking names like Gudukadankataka ventures

3.     A NAME THAT CONVEYS A GOOD MESSAGE. You maybe a very nice person with good business intentions but if the meaning of your company’s name is not pleasant people will be scared away.

4.     CHOOSE A NAME THAT IS NOT SO COMMON. There are some names people give to their business that has become so common that customers finds it difficult spotting identify eg personal names John ventures. You can come up with a name you think is not common and use it.

5.     CHOOSE A NAME THAT IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE PROFESSION or the field you are into. If you are

6.     CHOOSE A NAME THAT IS REGISTRABLE at the corporate affairs commission and not a name some else has registered previously.

7.     CHOOSE A NAME THAT SOUNDS NICE in the ears of people and not a name that is offensive to the ears.

I believe reading through this article you have understood how important names are to success in business and factors to consider when choosing one. Therefore, take time in choosing a name that will create a good impression about your company in the minds of your clients and you will never regret you did.

“Good name is better than riches” Said the holy book. I urge you not to stop at giving your business a good name. But try as much as possibly to deliver quality service to your customers and through it abundant riches will come your way.

Remain blessed.



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