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How to Generate Millions of GSM Phone Numbers In Nigeria for Bulk SMS campaign (Free GSM Number Generator).

The use of bulk SMS campaigns to advertise products and services is by far the cheapest method small-scale businesses can use to reach millions of mobile phone users in Nigeria.
But as easy as this method of advertising is, many business owners must have a large list of mobile phone numbers in Nigeria before they can effectively benefit from the use of bulk SMS. To achieve great success in bulk SMS campaigns you must have the mobile phone numbers of all potential clients in the 36 states of Nigeria.

Did I hear say is not possible to get large quantity of phone numbers from the 36 states of Nigeria? I must tell you, I had the same problem of getting large numbers of mobile phone numbers to use to advertise my websites (

At first, I didn’t know how to go about it so, so I did was to approach a bulk SMS dealer in Ikeja-Lagos/Nigeria for assistance and on getting there they gave the cost per SMS to be N1.50. And to send I will either use my own list of mobile phone numbers or if they will provide me with their own list at certain fees.
They charged N1 per GSM number, meaning if I need 10,000 GSM phone numbers it will cost me N10, 000. And to now send bulk SMS messages to10, 000 phone numbers at N1.5/unit it will cost a total sum of N25, 000.
To reduce cost, I was able to find a way of generating my own list of large mobile phone numbers and that is what I’m about to share with you in this article free of charge. I discover this free method of using free generators to generate a large list of GSM phone numbers in Nigeria.
The process is very easy, all you need is to input whatever quantity of mobile numbers you want ranging from 1-10,000 and they are generated.
NOTE OF CAUTION: Please use the phone numbers responsibly and do not use it to defraud.
Wish you a successful Bulk SMS campaign.