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Make Above 50% Profit From Sesame Seeds Export In Nigeria.


Do you know Sesame seeds is one agricultural commodity you can export from Nigeria to generate foreign exchange for yourself.

Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical companies in the United Kingdom, Greece, Germany, and United States of America are ready to pay exporters (suppliers) of Sesame seeds in Dollars and pounds starling.

The reason why Sesame seeds are highly needed by companies oversea is because, Sesame seeds are known to contain lots of natural Oil that can be extracted and used for making products like Margarine and essential used in the production of perfumes and paint.

Sesame seeds can be processed and used in the production of bakery products like bread and biscuit. Also the husk is used in the production of animal feeds.

Verities of Sesame Seeds

There are three main verities of Sesame seeds the white, black and brown but only the white and brown verities are grown in Nigeria. The Sesame seeds season in Nigeria begins in December to July every year. The major producers of Sesame seeds in Nigeria are located in the following states. Nasarawa, Jigawa, Yobe, Benue, Gombe, Plateau and Kano.

Countries That Produce/Buy Sesame Seeds

The export of Sesame seeds to countries Europe, America and Asia is indeed a very profitable business that is fast gaining ground in Nigeria.

Before now only countries like China, India and Sudan republic where exporting Sesame seeds to Europe and American. Reason is that they are the world’s largest producers of Sesame seeds.

But now, countries like Pakistan, Ethiopia and Nigeria have also discovered the money making opportunities in Sesame seeds export thus they too have started the business.

The price of Sesame seeds in the international market stands between $1000 -$2000/MT. However this price depends largely on the varieties, quality of seeds and the terms of negotiation made with foreign buyer.

The price for Sesame in the Northern Nigeria per metric ton MT is about N90, 000 to N130, 000. But with transportation cost added the total cost of moving the commodity to Lagos sea port increases to N140, 000 to N170, 000.

Capital Needed to start Sesame Seeds Export

The initial capital required to start the export of sesame seeds from Nigeria to Europe, America and Asia is in the range of N3.5 Million and a profit of about 50% can be made.

I believe fifty percent profit is very a good return on investment and the more buyers you have for Sesame seeds abroad the high will be the overall profits to be made.

Steps to Start Sesame Seeds Export

So, to enable you start a profitable Sesame seeds export business in Nigeria, I have packaged a PDF manual for those who are really interested in making money in export. The cost of the export manual (pdf) is N5,000 (only)

To order a copy of this Pdf export manual please pay the sum of N5,000 (Bank Transfer) to any Gtbank. Account Number: 001-030-8742 Account Name: Ojo Otaru. After payment text your name, bank teller number and email address to +234-8081632025 and immediately I will forward the Sesame seed export manual pdf to your mail box.


After which you email your details to for quick delivery of the manual to your inbox

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