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Price List of Building Materials In Lagos-Nigeria.

The new tenancy law introduced recently by the Lagos state government of Nigeria is one bitter pill that has refused to go down the throat of most landlords in the Lagos metropolis. The new tenancy law stipulates that landlords in the state are not permitted to collect rents above one year from any tenant. Areas like Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Leki and Ikeja are however exempted from this new tenancy law.

In other to check the level of compliance of this new tenancy law, I went to town to interview some estate agents. And Mr. Abiodun an estate agent in Agege Lagos-Nigeria told me in reaction to this new tenancy law, landlords in the state have jacked up their house rents. Before now he said, the cost of renting a two bedroom apartment was N100, 000per year but now the cost is about N150, 000per year, excluding agency and other fees.

The increasing cost of renting an apartment in Lagos-Nigeria is really a great concern to most tenants. If you ask most tenants what their desire is concerning housing in Lagos and they will tell you they would have loved to be in their own houses so they can be free from the Lagos shylock landlords.

Well, if you are still a tenant in Lagos-Nigeria and want to stop all the harassment from your landlord this is the time to start planning how to build your own house.

I want you to know that building a house in Lagos-Nigeria is not as difficult as most people perceive it to be. All you need to build your own house are as follows.

Buy a land,

Draw a building plan,

Get a builder to give you total cost of labor and the building materials required to complete the building.

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The builder will go and come back with a long list of inflated prices of building materials that will further discourage you from embanking on your building project.

If you have ever been discouraged by the above scenario, well I will say “it’s not over until it’s over”. Below is a price list of building materials in Lagos-Nigeria you can use to cost how much it will take to build your own house.

Here is the average cost of buying building materials in Lagos-Nigeria.

MATERIALS                                                                          MARKET PRICES.

Name                                                                                             N …………….K


9*9*18per one                                                                            140.        00

6*9*18per one                                                                              130.        00


Cement per 50kg bag                                                              1,900.     00

Cement per tone (20bags)                                                    38,000.     00


33*81 Marsonia                                                                            6,000-14,000    

33*81 Teak                                                                                      3,000-16,000

33*81 unpolished Omo                                                          4,200-7,000

33*81 unpolished Maliana                                                  2,200-3,000


Lorry load of washed gravel                                             14,000-18,000

Lorry load of Unwashed gravel                                       12,000-16,000

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Lorry load of Granite                                                             150,000.00

Lorry load of Sharp sand                                                    15,000.00

Lorry load of Soft sand                                                          14,000.00

Lorry load of Laterite                                                            7,000.00

Lorry load of hardcore                                                        7,000-10,000


A Roll of 1mm 2 single core                                               1,500.00

A Roll of 1.5mm 2 single core                                           2,000.00

A Roll of 2.5mm 2 single core                                          3,000.00

A Roll of 4mm 2 single core                                              5,000.00

A Roll of 1mm 2 twin core cable                                     2,000.00

A Roll of 1.5mm 2 twin core cable                               4,000.00

A Roll of 1.5mm 2three core cable                              6,000.00

A Roll of 2.5mm 2three core cable                             7,000.00

A Roll of 4mm 2three core cable                                 18,000.00


6*24 plain 5mm                                                                    70.00

6*36 plain 5mm                                                                   150.00


UNIC 8 blade                                                                           700.00

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UNIC 6 blade                                                                           400.00


1” Nail per bag                                                                       4,900.00

11/2” Nail per bag                                                                 4,900.00

2” Nail per bag                                                                         3,600.00

4” Nail per bag                                                                         3,500.00

5” NAIL PER BAG                                                                   3,500.00


Super light weight 31/2*8feet                                         1,330.00

Super light weight 31/2*6feet                                           1,150.00

Super light weight 21/2*6feet                                           500.00

31/2*8ft. s.t                                                                                   1,950.00

31/2*6ft. S.t                                                                                   1,800.00


20*30 ceramic wall titles                                                    800.00

20*30 ceramic wall tiles per carton                             1,200.00


Metal door with frame, lock and handle                   33,000.00

Vanity bold sinks                                                                       15,452.00

I believe with this price list of building materials in Lagos-Nigeria, you should be able to know whether your building contractor is cheating you or not.

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Stay blessed.


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