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Export Bitter Leave From Nigeria With N20,000 And Make 50% Profit


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Do you know bitter leave a plant commonly used for cooking soup in Nigeria is now a hot cake abroad? The large number of Nigerians and others Africans living in America and the United Kingdom demanding for bitter leave has indeed made the export of bitter leave a very lucrative business.

Some few Nigerians who have discovered how lucrative the export of bitter leaves to America and UK are already smiling to the bank. Therefore, you can start this lucrative export business on a small scale if you want to really make some cool cash.

Capital Needed to Start Bitter Leave export 

With as little as N20, 000 you can make 50% profit packing bitter leave in 1kg,2kg, 5kg, 10kg and then send by courier services (DHL,EMS,NIPOST) or by flight to clients in America and UK

Steps to Start Bitter Leave export 

As a small scale exporter of bitter leaves you don’t need to worry yourself about obtaining an export license from the Nigeria Export promotion council (NEPC), also you don’t need to register a limited liability company.

All the registrations mentioned earlier are not necessary because you will only be dealing with individual Nigerians and other Africans abroad who need the commodity.

To fully tap into this lucrative small scale export business you more information and this I have packaged in a PDF manual. The PDF manual is a step by step practical guide that will teach you the following.

How to process and package bitter leave for export.

How to get buyers for bitter leave.

The best method to receive payment for commodities exported and other valuable export information.

NOTE: This PDF manual is meant for individuals who are serious about making money from exportation business in Nigeria.

 To order a copy please pay the sum of N5,000 only to any Gtbank near you, Account Number: 001-030-8742

Account Name: Ojo Otaru


After payment please text your name, email address and the name of the manual you paid for to 08081632025. And immediately I get bank alert for payment I will send the manual to your email.

Remain blessed.



  1. djsax djsax December 29, 2015

    Do u know how to plant it?

  2. Eric Opuene Alalibo Eric Opuene Alalibo July 29, 2016

    can i export fresh bitter leaf?

  3. Charles Charles March 12, 2018

    Good morning
    I stumbled on this article on net and I want to get more information on bitter leaf processing, sales and exploitation.
    I talk more with you on the viability of this business and availability of the manual.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. Whyte Ikocha Whyte Ikocha July 5, 2018

    How reliable are your informations because I am interested.

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