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How To Add Google Customs Search Box To Your WordPress Blog In Few Seconds

There are many ways to add Google customs search box to WordPress blog.
I tried many times to add Google customs box to my WordPress to increase my adsense revenue but most of the many methods I found online didn’t work out. But with search I discovered an easy method through which I was able to insert Google adsense search box to my WordPress blog in few seconds without stress.
This easy and quick method is what I want to share with you in this article to enable you add Google adsense customs search to you WordPress to make more money from Google adsense.
Below is how to go about adding Google adsense customs search to WordPress blog.
Log in to Google Customs Search Element
Configure, Generate code and insert code to your WordPress theme.
Log in to your WordPress dashboard and insert the Google adsense customs search html code generated to your WordPress blog side bar widget.
To locate side bar widget on your WordPress, click Appearance>widget>text/html and then insert the html code. See picture below.








Please don’t forget to press save button.
Now view your WordPress blog side bar and see how quick and easy it is to add Google adsense customs search box to your WordPress blog. I wish you more money through your customs adsense search box.

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