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Get Paid to Make People Laugh through Standup Comedy business In Nigeria

The entertainment business in Nigeria is one sector of the economy that is fast growing.  Get Paid to Make People Laugh through Standup Comedy business In Nigeria

Through music and moving making some young Nigerians like Tuface, Dbang, omotola and Genevieve have become self employed, rich and famous.

Also, one other branch of the Nigerian entertainment industry that is equally becoming very lucrative is the standup comedy business.

With standup comedy in Nigeria, popular comedians like Alibaba, basket mouth, Julius Agwu, I go dye, Teju baby and many too numerous to mention have become millionaires.

These popular comedians organizes comedy shows on regular basis, where they charge gate fee of N5,000 for regular, N50, 000 for VIP guests (Very Important Personalities) and some times N100, 000 for V.VIP Guests (Very. Very Important Personalities).

If you have ever attended any of the comedy shows organized in Lagos or Abuja, you will know that indeed comedy business in Nigeria is very lucrative. With the large number of people that attend comedy shows to laugh out their stress and sorrows some Nigeria comedian make millions from comedy shows.

Therefore; Are you funny and can crack jokes to make people laugh?

If yes then, you too can make money and become popular like those comedians whose names I mentioned above.

I will like to let you know that most of the Nigeria comedian did not get to stardom one day, they all started comedy from a very humble beginning. So didn’t think when I will ever become like them. You can become a successful comedian if you believe you can achieve your dream.

However, I will advice you not to stop at believing alone but take steps to actualize your dream of become a successful comedian.

To become a sort after comedian in Nigeria below are what you must do.

Discover your talent.

Read books, watch films, listen to comedy tapes and study what is going on your environment and draw inspiration to write jokes.

Write and document your jokes.

Your jokes must be original, not recycled jokes.

Attends comedy shows to learn how other comedians are performing.

Learn from the successes and failures of those big comedians in Nigeria.

To get people to know, start by offering free service at birthday parties, weddings and other social function.

Go for talent hunts show to show case your talent; you may lucky get sponsors/promoters if you perform well.

To Read the Suns interviews with Mr Opa William the promoter of a night of a thousand laughter comedy show in Nigeria.

Also, read about Julius Agwu one of the leading comedian in the country.

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