With the ever increasing use of mobile phones to connect the internet, it has become necessary for blog masters to create a mobile version of their blogs in other to benefit from the number of traffic flow from mobile phone users.

A mobile version of your WordPress blog will indeed give your business a wider reach among mobile phone internet surfers.

There are several internet companies’ that provide mobile blog version creation services you can signup with. Some of these online mobile blog creation companies offer both free and paid services but the one I use to create my blog Naijabizcom is Mobstac.com.

To create the mobile version of your WordPress blog go to Mobstac.com created an account and then follow the steps below to get your WordPress mobile blog come on live.

Step One: Sign up and go to your email inbox to activate the registration confirmation that was sent to you by Mobstac.com.

Step Two: Register your WordPress Url and obtain a Mobstac application key to used to configure the Mobstac WordPress plugin.e.g Appl key -ad56a314xx41203xxe589d14e21216b1tUh89nlL

Step Three: Log in to your WordPress dashboard>click on plugin>Add New Plugin>Search for Mobstac plugin>download, install and activate.

Step Four: Configure the plugin by adding your Mobstac App Key

Step Five: Now Go back to your Mobstac dashboard and set the following your account. Analytic, Categories, Settings, Advertising, Feeds, Design.

With these steps well followed I believe you will be able to create a mobile version of your self hosted WordPress blog using Mobstac.com