The easiest way to receive and transfer foreign currency in Nigeria is through the use of a domiciliary account.  With your domiciliary account in Nigeria you can quickly carry out both offline and online international transaction.

Opening a domiciliary account in Nigeria is not a difficult thing; just walk into any branch of most banks in Nigeria and you get it done. But, I will prefer you to go any branch of Gtbank plc and open domiciliary account, this is because it easier and faster.


Below are the requirement and steps to follow in opening a domiciliary account.

Gtbank Nigeria will require you to PRESENT A MEANS OF IDENTIFICATION. Eg drivers license, National Identity, a Tax clearance certificate, International passport.

You will need a TWO REFERENCE LETTERS from people who know you well and also have a domiciliary account with Gtbank.

Gtbank Nigeria, will need you to present some UTILITY BILLS. Eg PHCN, NITEL OR WATER BILL.

To open a domiciliary account you need TWO RECENT PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPHS.

Also, to open a domiciliary account with Gtbank Nigeria plc you need an INITIAL DEPOSIT of about $100/N16,000 0r 50pounds.

To start the process of opening your domiciliary accounts please visit any branch of Gtbank in Nigeria, collect account opening form, fill in your details and submit.

ALTERNATIVE METHOD OF OPENING A DOMICILIARY ACCOUNT (For those who already have a current account with Gtbank Nigeria Plc).

If you are already a current account holder with Gtbank Nig plc , all you need to open a domiciliary account is TWO PASSPORT SIZE PHOTOGRAPH, a driver’s license or NATIONAL ID CARD and other important documents as maybe required by Gtbank Nig plc.

I believe with this piece of information you can now open your domiciliary account with ease.

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