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How To Start Mobile Phone Accessories Business in Nigeria


The introduction of Global System of Mobile of communication (GSM) in Nigeria as indeed created a lot of business opportunity for Nigerians. One of such money making opportunity is the sales of Mobile phone accessories. E.g (Battery, mobile phone repair parts, battery Charger, Memory Cards, Ear Piece and phone Jacket). How To Start Mobile Phone Accessories Business in Nigeria

Mobile phone accessories are components that enable GSM phones to work properly and also increase the life span of mobile phones. The Mobile phones accessories that sell most in Nigeria are those of Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson products etc,  

With about 70million GSM phone users in Nigeria the demand for Mobile accessories is very high and thus making the business very lucrative.

How To Start Mobile Phone Accessories Business in Nigeria

To start the sales of mobile phone accessories in Nigeria below are the requirement.


The capital required to start mobile phone accessories business is not that much. Though it also depends on the scale you want to start the business. With less than N30, 000 you start the sales of Nokia, Samsung, Sony Eriksson mobile phone accessories in any part of Nigeria.


To start the sales of mobile phone accessories on a small scale, you don’t need to rent an expensive shop. All you need is look for a small piece of land that is vacant in your neighborhood you can rent. And then get a carpenter to build a small kiosk or table you will need to display your mobile phone accessories for people to buy.

I believe getting a piece of land wouldn’t cost much when compared to renting a shop that will cost thousands of Naira per year.


To make enough profit from the sales of mobile phones accessory in Nigeria, you must carry out a market survey and in that survey you should be able to know where to buy mobile phone accessories in bulk at very low prices. There are two ways through which you can buy mobile phone accessories in bulk.

You can either import them from China or you buy from importers in the country.

If you reside in Lagos Nigeria and want to buy mobile phone accessories at wholesales price, the best place to go is the Computer Village located at Ikeja Lagos Nigeria or you go to Alaba International Market Alaba Lagos Nigeria.

Please Note :

To get lots of people to patronize your mobile phone accessories business you sell your products at a reasonable price. And with this you get lots of customers who will not only buy mobile phone accessories from you but will also like to buy mobile products like fairly mobile phones, recharge card and mobile phone repair services.

Therefore, you must make sure you position your business to take advantage of this opportunity to make lots of money from the sales of mobile phone accessories and related products/services.

Remain Blessed.


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