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How To Start Yam Export Business in Nigeria


The recent removal of fuel subsidy by the federal government of Nigeria is a clear opportunity for people to start thinking of how to make money from the export of agricultural commodity like Yam and others from Nigeria to the UK and other countries.

Yam Export Business in Nigeria

World’s largest producer of Yam

Nigeria is the world largest producer of Yam and the commodity is cultivated for local consumption in almost every part of the country.

Demand for Yam

In fact most Yam farmers in Nigeria are not aware of the huge amount of money they can make from the export of Yam to countries like the UK and US where you have a very large population of Nigerians and other Africans who consumes Yam regularly. The Yam export business is very lucrative business, an average tuber of Yam that weighs 2kg cost between 3pounds staling to 6pounds staling in the UK market. With the exchange rate of pounds/Naira put at 1pound/N250 one can make enough cash from Yam export business in Nigeria.

Capital Needed to Start export Yam Business in Nigeria

You can export Yam from Nigeria either on a large scale or small scale it all depends on the volume of export contract received from a foreign buyer and the capital you have at hand to carry out the exportation of the commodity. But however you can start Yam business on a small scale with less than N100,000. All you need do is to package the Yam in cartons of 20kg each and ship them to foreign buyers in the UK or US.

Steps To Start export Yam from Nigeria

To enable you start a profitable yam export business in Nigeria I have packaged a PDF manual on how to start small scale Yam export business. The PDF manual is a step by step practical guide that will expose you to the secret of how to make money from Yam export in Nigeria. The cost of the PDF manual is just N3, 500 only and contains the following.

How to packaged Yam correctly for export.

Contacts addresses of some foreign buyers and how you can get more contacts of other foreign buyers of the commodity.

Places in Nigeria where you can purchase Yam at a very cheap price.

How to get payment for the commodity you have exported.

And other vital information that will help you carryout export easily.

Therefore, to order a copy of the PDF manual please Pay the sum of N5,000 to any Gtbank nearest to you (Bank Transfer).

Account Number: :001-030-8742,

Account Name; OJO OTARU.


And After payment please text your name, your e-mail address &bank teller number to

08081632025 and immediately I will send a copy of the manual (PDF) to your email box and notify you.

Remain Blessed.



  1. Otaru Ojo Otaru Ojo April 15, 2014

    thanks Boniface, for visiting Naijabizcom, you can contact me on +2348180632025

  2. Boniface C Ekeji Boniface C Ekeji April 15, 2014

    We would like to be connected to foreign market to which we can supply yam and Ogbono.


    Boniface Ekeji

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