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How to Start a Profitable Cement Block Molding Industry in Nigeria.

Are you thinking of starting a profitable business of your own in Nigeria? If yes then I will want you to consider setting up a cement block molding industry in the country.
The increasing need to build new residential houses, factories and offices to accommodate Nigeria’s large population has made cement block molding a very lucrative business in the country.

15 bags of Cement yields about 500 cement blocks with this you make about N20, 000/day and N500, 000 monthly incomes as you sell each 9inches block for N150 and 6inches block for N120.

The start up requirement for cement block industry in Nigeria is not difficult but it all depends on the scale you want to operate.
In fact with less than N300, 000 you can setup your own cement block molding industry but it will be labor intensive.
Alternatively, you can choice to setup machine based cement block molding industry but in this case you will millions of Naira as start up capital to start cement block business.

Which one you decide to start with, the choice is yours! All that matters is to start and get your empowered financially.
To start cement block molding industry below are the necessary steps to follow.

1. Before you start any profitable business in Nigeria try as much as possible to make legal by getting it registered with relevant government agencies e.g the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (C.A.C) Discover how to register your business in Nigeria with C.A.C
Cement blocking molding business requires you have a large space not only for producing and drying your blocks but also for storing cements and the blocks produced. So you will need to acquire a plot land (60 by 120feet) for this purpose, this land can be purchased, rented or leased by you in developing areas and sites where you have a lot building activities taking place.
Here are the machines and equipment needed for setting up a cement block molding industry.
Vibrating blocking Molding Machine: (Molds cement blocks faster).
Cement block carrier: (wooden board (a seat) that supports cement blocks both in the molding process and drying process).
Cement Mixer: (Needed for proper cement, sand and water mixture)
Head pan: (Needed to carry sand)
Supply Vehicle (truck): (A vehicle needed to deliver blocks to customers in building sites).
Standby power generator.
The standby power generator is very necessary to ensure there is continuous production of cement block even if the public power supply company fails in their duty to provide power needed to run your block making machines and equipment.
A diesel powered generator will be ideal for your block molding factory.
PLEASE NOTE: The machines and equipment needed for cement block molding setting can be sourced here in Nigeria. There are lots of local machines fabricators in Nigeria who can build them for you easily and the spares for maintenance are ready available too.
Provide adequate water supply:
Water is an essential component in cement block molding process, without water you can’t make blocks. Simple as ABC!
Therefore, to succeed in your cement blocks business you need continuous water supply to your block factory.
One sources of reliable water supply in Nigeria is the sinking of a borehole or digging of a well. So you need any of these in your block industry for adequate water supply.
Alternatively, if you can’t afford a borehole or well due to its high cost then you can start by buying water from those who sell water with tankers.
Cement: Get sources of cheap supply of cement.
Sand: To start the business,find out places where you get cheap sand needed for block molding.
Diesel to power your generator.
To run your block molding business effectively you need to employ people who have experience in the block molding industry.
Below are the categories of workers you need to start your cement block making business.
You need block molding machine operators.
Mixers: Those who can mix cement /sand/water properly.
Hire boys will carry the already produced blocks to point of drying.
Hire boys who will load and off load cement blocks into trucks for customers.
Hire drivers that will driver your delivery trucks.
Through this article I believe you must have gotten some important information that will assist you in starting your own cement block molding business in Nigeria.
But if you need more information about this project contact me because I have packaged a compressive feasibility report that will aid you to quickly start and make profit from cement block molding business. The cost of the feasibility for cement block molding business is N5,000 only.

To order please pay N5000 to GTBank Account number: 001-030-8742, Account name; Ojo Otaru and after payment text your name, bank teller and email to 08081632025 and immediately I get confirmation  I will foreword the cement block molding business setup report to your mailbox.
Remain blessed.


  1. Mustapa Hussain Mustapa Hussain August 20, 2019

    Dear sir,
    I have interest in the feasibility study, how do i pay you?

    • ojootaru ojootaru Post author | August 20, 2019

      Hi, Mustapa, To order Block moulding feasibility studies, please pay N5000 to GTBank Account number: 001-030-8742, Account name; Ojo Otaru and after payment text your name, bank teller and email to 08081632025 and immediately I get confirmation I will foreword the cement block molding business setup report to your mailbox.

  2. Prosper Prosper February 27, 2020

    Thanks for tgis eye opening information, I really love the website

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