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Make Millions of Naira Cultivating Pineapple in Nigeria

On daily basis many of us in Nigeria complain bitterly of lack of money and high rate of unemployment.
Whereas there are many profitable business opportunities around us that we walk pass unnoticed.

Pineapple cultivation business is one gold mine in disguise through which one can make millions of Naira/Dollars in Nigeria or wherever you are reading this post in the globe.

Pineapple fruit contains about 15% sugar, malic and citric fruit acids and Vitamin B1, B2, B6, C and Bromelin, an enzyme that helps in the digestion of a high protein meal.















The Pineapple fruit is mostly consumed because of its sweet taste and its nutritional value.
The juice is extracted by manufacturing companies, packed into bottles/tetra packs and then sold as Pineapple fruit juice.

Also pineapple leaves contains a special fiber called piña and it is used in the Philippines to make textile.

Pineapple is mostly planted in Nigeria during the raining season usually in an alkaline soil. It takes two years before the local variety is harvested while the scientifically researched Pineapple or agric variety can be planted in commercial quantity and harvested in just one year.

The demand for Pineapple worldwide is very high, the total world demands stands at about 466 million tons per year as against the current total world production level which stands at about 15million tons.

You can see now that it is a very profitable business and through it you can quietly generate huge sums of income to take care of your family.
There will be no all eyes on you, as you make your cool millions of Naira cultivating Pineapple and remember most Nigerians hate farming!


With a minimum of N200, 000 initial investment one can start Pineapple cultivation business and generated income of N1million Naira yearly.

The above initial investments amount includes the cost of renting an acre of land, buying of farm implements, buying Pineapple suckers and other setup cost.
The 1 acre of land is expected to produce about 4000 Pineapple fruits per year.
This is one business opportunity that should interest in any investment conscious person.
To enable you start the Pineapple cultivation in Nigeria, I have packaged a comprehensive feasibility studies that will guide you in setting up the business and make millions of Naira in the shortest possible time.

A copy of the feasibility studies is N5000 and to get one please check payment details HERE or call 08081632025.
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