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Export Ogbono Seed in Small Scale and Make 100% Cool profit


Ogbono or Ogbolo is a common seed found in Nigeria, when the deed is grounded and use to make the popular ogbono soup in combination with vegetable and spices.

How To Export Ogbono From Nigeria

Benefits of Ogbono seeds

Ogbono soup with hot Pounded Yam, Eba, Amala or Fufu is a perfect food combination any time and it is loved by majority Nigerians.

Demand for Ogbono seeds

The mass exodus of Nigerians to Europe, America and Asia, has caused an increase in the demand for Ogbono seed and other Nigerian food stuffs aboard.

Most Nigerian and African restaurants in the UK, USA, Canada, Belguim,Italy and Germany buy Ogbono seed for as much as $17/kg from exporters in Nigeria thus making the business very lucrative. You too can start food stuff export business to earn some income.

Capital Needed to Start Ogbono Export

And I will like to let you know that with less than N30, 000 only you can make 100% cool profit as you package Ogbono in 1kg or 2kg packs for export to Europe and America.

Steps To Start Ogbono Export

To enable you start Ogbono seed export business in Nigeria you need to be guided.

To help you start and make profit from exporting Ogbono seed from Nigeria, I have packaged a step by step information manual for just N5, 000 only.

It is a practical manual that will show you how to process and package Ogbono for export and contain addresses of restaurants/companies in UK and USA that buys food stuffs from Nigeria.

Apart from these addresses I will also show you how to get more contact addresses of foreign buyers who will place order for your export commodities and are sure to smile to the bank.


To order the manual for Ogbono seed export business in Nigeria please call me on 08081632025

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