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Instant Pounded Yam Production Business: Startup Requirement

One way of reducing the annual wastage of farm produce in Nigeria is through value addition.

By value addition I mean processing and packaging of staple food like Yam into instant Pounded Yam (Pando Yam) for sale within Nigeria and for export.

The demand for Poundo Yam in Nigeria and outside the country is very high. And due to the ease of preparation most house wives and operators of restaurants prefer Poundo Yam to the traditional way of preparing pounding Yam by pounding using wooden mortar and pistol.

Since Nigeria is the largest producer of Yam in the World, Investors can take advantage of the abundance of Yam tubers in the country to setup their own instant Pounded Yam production business to make money and also create employment opportunities for some jobless Nigerians.

Indeed you can become a millionaire through Poundo Yam production business in Nigeria.

You can make up to N500, 000/month producing and selling Instant pounded Yam powder, 1kg pack of the product is sold between N250 to N350 in the Nigerian market and $17 abroad.

To start a small scale Poundo Yam production business will you need an initial capital of about N800,000 excluding cost of accommodation.

The buck of the amount mentioned above is used for purchasing setup equipment, production materials and the rest is used as initial working capital.

So below are requirement for setting up Instant Pounded Yam production business in Nigeria.

FACTORY SPACE: As a small scale pounded Yam production outfit you may not need to rent an expensive space to setup your business. You can just simply use any vacant space in your house to help reduce your initial start up cost.


Slicing machine


Drying machine

Wood paddles.


Blinding machine.

Weighing scale.

Portable Nylon sealing machine.


Plastic containers,


Buy some Yam tubers from the market or from your own farm.

Peel yam, slice into small bits and then wash with clean water.

Cook the sliced Yam.

Dry the cooked Yam bits in a drier to remove water content.

Blind the already dried cooked Yam into fine grain for packaging.

Now Package the blinded cooked dry Yam into attractive packaging nylon ready for sale in shops in Nigeria or for export to Europe and America.


Packaging Nylon

Packaging carton

Carton for distributing product.



You will need to register your Pounded Yam production business with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

Instant pounded Yam powder production business is indeed very profitable, setting up will enable you make huge profit and end all your financial worries forever.

To help you start producing and making money from Instant Pounded Yam production business in Nigeria, I have package a comprehensive feasibility studies for just N5, 000 only. For details please call Ojo Otaru on 08081632025

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