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How to start Music Production Business in Nigeria

Apart from crude oil production earnings, music production is one entertainment business in Nigeria today that is putting food on the table of many youths and their families in the country.
Through production of quality music beats with high sales in Nigeria and abroad the likes of Don Jazzy, Terry G, J sleek, ID Cabassa and many others have become multi-millionaires and respected music producers.
To succeed in music production business first you need more than just creating beats.
You must have passion for job without that you can’t shine. It is your passion that will enable you become like a Don Jazzy who produced the hit song “Oliver twist” that made Kanye West to sign in D’banj to his Good Music Label.

Apart from passion for the job, you need to also have a good hear for music. You need to acquire some training from established music producers in Nigeria. From them you will learn how to use modern music production equipment to create nice beats and arrange songs that people will like.
And then invest some money in buying the necessary equipment required to setup your own music studio.
Here is the basic music production equipment you will need to setup your own small scale music studio.
Mac/high end Personal Computer.
At least 1.8 ghz,
512 MB/1GIG, with sound card and PCI slot as well as I/o.
Sequencer software,
A Mic preamp,
A keyboard (MIDI Keyboard controller)
A soundcard,
Condenser microphones
Soft Synthesizer.
Drum machine,
Fruity loops software e.t.c
Also, you must make sure you market your skills to attract both the upcoming and established musicians’ to your music recording studio.
You can market your music production business online by setting up a simple website. Setting up a website is not too expensive starting from N30, 000, I can build a well optimize website for you (call me on 08081632025).
All the money spent you easily recover in double fold as you charge clients that patronize your services.
Most music recording studios in Nigeria charge the sum of N10,000 and above per session from artistes.
And once you are able to meet the above start up requirement, I believe with dedication and handwork you stand to succeed in music production business in Nigeria.
Please, help share this important information with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks and Remain Blessed.

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