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Event Management Business: Quick Startup Ideas


Are you looking for a small-scale business you can set up in Nigeria and make huge profits with little start-up capital? If yes then, OK read further!

I will like to let you know that event management is one opportunity lucrative business in Nigeria you can set up with little start-up capital!
You may want to ask why event management.

The reason why I recommend the Event management business is because most Nigerians now live a busy lifestyle.


Therefore to take off the stress associated with organizing an event, most individuals and corporate organizations in the country prefer to hire a professional to handle the planning of their wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, housewarming parties, child naming ceremonies, trade shows, book lunch, album lunch, and conferences e.t.c
The business is profitable because there is virtually no weekend that passes by where people don’t hold social events like weddings and birthdays in places like Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Benin, Ibadan, and other parts of Nigeria.
So setting up your own event planning and management business will put you in a position to generate regular income from individuals and companies that wants to organize parties and conferences in your area.
As event planners and managers, the amount of money you charge a client will depend on the following.
The financial status of the individual, how elaborate he wants the events to be, the caliber of people he is inviting, and the number of guests to be invited.
I know some event planners and managers in Lagos who smile at the bank with millions of Naira made as profit after the successful execution of one or more events per month.

Start-up Capital Needed

To set up an event management and planning business with little startup capital.

Requirement To Start Event Management Business

Here are the requirements and quick setup steps.

Get TRAINING from professionals to acquire creative skills on (event decorations, planning, contract negotiations, booking appointments with DJs, caterers, musicians, media men, printers, photographers, video coverage, pricing, hall, and chair rentals e.t.c

Business name REGISTRATION from the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.
Open a BUSINESS ACCOUNT with your bank to enable you to pay in cheques received from clients.

Source for CLIENTS: Getting clients for your new event business can be easy and also difficult depending on your approach to the matter.
To start making money from event planning and management person you must let people know about the existence of your new business. And below are steps to effectively market your business to get clients.

Get MARKETING AND PROMOTIONAL TOOLS. E.g. business cards, getting phone numbers, creating an email, setting up a website, letter-headed paper, printing and sharing fliers.

After getting the above marketing tool the next stage is to start telling friends, relatives, neighbors, and people in the religious center where you worship that you are now an event planner and manager.
Go around your neighborhood and share those handbills or fliers you have printed.
Start promoting your event and management business website by placing some classified adverts in Nigerian newspapers.


If, you need somebody to help you BUILD A SIMPLE WEBSITE call me on 08081632025, and will build you a search engine-friendly website for just N25, 000.

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