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How to Move WordPress Posts to Blogspot blog with Ease

Dear friend, are you thinking of moving articles not related to niche from your WordPress blog to a BlogSpot but don’t know how to go about it?
If yes then keep reading!
Moving posts from WordPress to BlogSpot is very easy but before import the post into your BlogSpot, you must first do some script conversion to make it compatible with BlogSpot template.

To Move WordPress Posts to BlogSpot with Ease.
Below are the quick and easy steps I used to move some post from to CitiGist.blogspot.
STEP ONE: Login to your WordPress admin and go straight to your dashboard.
Click on Tools and export your desired WordPress post to your computer and save it.
STEP TWO: Go toWordPress2blogger Converter upload and have your WordPress posts converted to scripts that are compatible with blogger template. (NOTE this website can only convert post with less than 1MB in size. So if your post is more than 900KB, you to convert them in bits)
STEP THREE: Login to your BlogSpot blog dashboard and go to SETTINGS.
STEP FIVE: Click on IMPORT POST, upload post converted at wordpress2blogger from your computer and editing or publish automatically on your blogger BlogSpot.
Try it now and see, it’s even much easier than I have just explained it!

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