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Video:Heavy Flooding Disrupts Traffic On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

Nigeria News (Lagos) -The journey of scores of motorist travelling on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway was interrupted by the flood which divided a large part of the road.

Flooding Disrupts Traffic On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway









The flood which followed a heavy downpour on Tuesday divided the Lagos-Ibadan expressway around the Otedola Estate area causing traffic congestion of both sides of the road.
Pictures and comments on social media indicate that several other parts of the Lagos metropolis are flooded causing traffic congestion. Most residents of Lagos have been looking forward to the rain as a relief from the constant heat that comes with the dry season but the corresponding flooding seems to turn the blessings of the rain to a bitter curse.
In the last two years, Lagos and other states across the country had recorded fatal cases of flooding, while some were disastrous with property damaged and lives lost others were mild, leaving little or no casualties.
Researches show that some of the factors responsible for these flooding are lack of drainage, blockage of gutters and obstruction of water passages. Predictions have had it, this year that little has been experienced of the rain as far as more rains are expected to fall in large volumes.
This year, the rains are fast approaching and the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has predicted over 200 days of rainfall across the country.-Channelstv.
See Video below.

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