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Video:Spy Your Love-Best Cheating Prevention and Detection Android App

Here comes Spy Your Love of one of the best cheating prevention and detection mobile applications.

Spy Your Love










The best thing of Spy your Love Android app is that it’s free to use.
However, there is a paid version with more capabilities. This interesting app allow you to see 30 characters (possibly randomly) of every SMS that your partner sends out, and the call history of your partner’s mobile and most importantly offer you the conversation statistic of your partner in Facebook.All this possible only when both partner select same right to see other one sms, call logs and Facebook. Below are some key features of Spy Your Love:
• You will see 30 characters of every sms that your partner receives or sends.
• You will see the Call history of your partner (with names stored in his/her contact list).
• You will see Facebook conversation statistics (name and number of messages per day).
• You will see last the message of each Facebook conversation. Everything is in real-time. (Just few seconds after your partner receives a call or sms)
Deleting of text messages or call logs doesn’t help, Spy your Love is faster because there is no way to hide activity or remove something (sms, Facebook messages or call log).
Here you should note, if you are using the ad supported free version then the features are limited to 5 Calls, 4 Facebook discussions and 2 text messages per day. If you are concerned about the security of your private data then here is what a developer mentions on download page:
• All records older than 2 weeks are automatically deleted.
• All messages, names and numbers are encoded by a secret code known only by your app (and your partner’s app).
• Nobody (except your partner) can decode your messages.
• All communication is secured by SSH, there is no need in using any login – password combination (No danger of stealing or losing password.)
Although the app isn’t a full-proof cheating prevention and detection app, it is still very good one, creators say.
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