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Photo:Did NASA find a rat on Mars?

What do you see in the picture below? Rocks, dust, or something a little furrier?

Did NASA find a rat on Mars












According to some netizens, it’s unmistakable – this is a space rat.

“This odd creature was discovered on Mars by a person in Japan in March,” Scott C. Waring wrote in a blog post on UFO Sightings Daily.

“This animal was not the first to be discovered in NASA photos,” he went on, but is in a long line of strange creatures.”
Just how a rat could come to be living on the -55C surface of Mars is quite the mystery, but Waring and his colleagues have an answer for that one.

“Is NASA placing animals from tiny cryogenic chambers inside the rover onto the surface of Mars to conduct tests?” he asked.

NASA were quick to hose down such claims, but welcomed the interest in the Mars Rover images.
It seems we may have longer to wait for more credible signs of life on Mars, but there is hope.

In December last year, NASA scientists revealed evidence of water having been on the surface much more recently than previously thought.

“We have characterized a very ancient, but strangely new ‘gray Mars’ where conditions once were favorable for life,” said John Grotzinger, Mars Science Laboratory project scientist at the California Institute of Technology.

“Curiosity is on a mission of discovery and exploration, and as a team we feel there are many more exciting discoveries ahead of us in the months and years to come.”

“A fundamental question for this mission is whether Mars could have supported a habitable environment,” added Michael Meyer, lead scientist for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program. “From what we know now, the answer is yes.”

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